What I Hope To Read December 2020

What I Hope To Read December 2020

Hello all!

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Bye bye November and HELLO Christmas, um December. 😛 Welcome all to a new What I Hope To Read post, this time for Christmas, darn it, December.

November was a pretty OK month. My wish from last month to have better mental health/health, well mental wise it is a tad better, health-wise, well didn’t get sick… though I did have a pretty hard fall with my e-bike and while writing this (November 19th) my knee still hurts and I still have 5 days of resting left. But other than that I am happy with November, fun books to read, decorated my house for Christmas (which I normally do around Christmas, but I was just in the mood for something shiny), I am all up to date with my seasonal anime series (which is a first in years), my blog is doing wonderfully, I also had time to fix some things on my blog and I am adding series tags (slowly).
I cannot wait for December. While Christmas will just be my hubby and I, we are going to make the best of it. The house is fully decorated and we are going to make a great month of it.

This month I got 1 pre-order and 6 books I would really like to read!

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