Blog Tour ~ Banking on Murder by J.D. Whitelaw ~ Excerpt

Blog Tour ~ Banking on Murder by J.D. Whitelaw ~ Excerpt

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Banking on Murder, Purple, Gray, J.D. Whitelaw, Murder, Mystery, Cosy Mystery

Welcome all to the Blog Tour for Banking on Murder by J.D. Whitelaw! This is the first book in the Parker Sisters series! Mystery, a sister detective team, and a big case to solve!

For today’s tour I got an excerpt from the book + author/book information.

Let’s get this tour started~ Go!

Banking on Murder, Purple, Gray, J.D. Whitelaw, Murder, Mystery, Cosy Mystery

Martha Parker runs a small private detective agency in Glasgow with her two sisters, Helen and Geri. They specialise in catching cheating partners and those playing away from home.
The Parkers are hired by the reclusive wife of a wealthy banker she suspects is breaking their vows, but when he shows up murdered, it’s up to Martha, Helen and Geri to prove the wife’s innocence in their most dangerous case yet.

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About the author:

J.D. Whitelaw, Black/White, Photograph, Moustache, AuthorJ.D. Whitelaw is an author, journalist and broadcaster. After working on the frontline of Scottish politics, he moved into journalism. Subjects he has covered have varied from breaking news, the arts, culture and sport to fashion, music and even radioactive waste – with everything in between. He’s also a regular reviewer and talking head on shows for the BBC. Banking on Murder is the first of three Parker sister novels. They follow his hugely successful HellCorp series. His debut in 2015 was the critically acclaimed Morbid Relations.

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Excerpt time.

The front door opened with a creak. The noise seemed to wake everything up. Early morning light seeped in, chasing away the shadows. Martha Parker stood perfectly still in the doorway and looked about her kingdom.
The office was hers, the business was hers. This was where she made her money, but more than that, it was where she helped others. She liked to think that in her own small way she was making a difference. Even if it came in bad circumstances.
Parkers Investigations was her own little empire. She had played with the name, thinking she was clever getting a nod to the P.I. in there. As it turned out, they were mostly known as the Nosey Parkers, and not always positively.
Still, it was all hers, and it was hopefully growing. Sure her offices were little more than the garage attached to her house. And yes, more often than not her clients wanted her to spy on their cheating partners, but to Martha it was her life, her way of giving back. And that’s what made her open the doors every day.
This morning though, she wasn’t her normal enthusiastic self. Normally she’d be able to see the good in any situation. The sun shone from her cheery smile, laughter would flow and everyone would feel alright. Not today, however. Today, she was fatigued, bogged down—dog tired.
The festive cheer was starting to get to her. If she heard Fairytale of New York once more, she thought she might scream. She didn’t mind Christmas, she loved it in fact. But when the whole machine cranked into gear six weeks before the big day, she felt a bit Christmassed out.
That’s why she was standing in the doorway. That’s why she hadn’t rushed to her desk and started up the computer. That’s why the kettle was still quiet and the biscuits hadn’t been divvied up amongst the three of them. That’s why… there was something wrong.
“Hold on,” she said, watching her breath float away in front of her. “What’s gone on here?”
She looked about the place. Three desks were spread out across the room—as normal. The computers were off and the phones were all silent—as normal. If she didn’t know better she would have thought the place was exactly the same as she’d left it the night before. Only she did know better.
“Right,” she said, rolling up the sleeves of her cardigan. “What have you done this time?”

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