Christmas Book Haul 2020

Christmas Book Haul 2020

Morning all!

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I am back again, and I got a fun book haul for you! My Christmas Book Haul! dances

Christmas was different this year, no family, but we made the most of it. My hubby and I got plenty of food in home, we watched movies, we got very jolly. And of course there were presents! I had a nice stack for my hubby and he had a nice stack for me! I got him two books (Adam Savage’s book and a RWBY book with stories). He got me 5 books + a colouring book with Rillukuma. Which I am adding to the stack as I see it is a book/bookish item.

I am so so happy with my presents, the books are perfection. None from my Waiting on Wednesdays special edition, but others that I really wanted. I also got other presents next to the books and they made me very happy. But this post is about my books, so I will only show/tell you about my books!

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Babysitting Nightmares: The Phantom Hour by Kat Shepherd
The Last Kids on Earth Survival Guide by Max Brallier, Douglas Holgate
Yay! You’re gay! Now what? by Riyadh Khalaf
Nuclear Winter by Cab
Rillukuma Colouring Book by ?
Lifesize Dinosaurs by Sophy Henn

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