Library Haul 12-12-2020

Library Haul 12-12-2020

Afternoon all!

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Happy weekend all, and welcome to a new Library #2 Haul!

So Hyped that I could visit again. The last time I visited was 6-ish weeks ago, a bit before I had my accident and my knee got hurt.

Most of the books I had at home were read or tried, I just have 5 more books that I want to read so I extended the loan on those, so I had plenty to bring back to the library. Thankfully, most of the 46 books fitted in my shopping trolley so I only had one more bag to carry.

I had quite a few reservations waiting for me again, but I had enough space left to look for some new picture books. I am in a real mood for picture books so I made sure to find plenty to read these coming weeks. And I also found some other books to enjoy. Plus, I had to do some effort to find a Christmas book. I had reserved it but they didn’t do anything with it. Apparently it was in a special collection that wasn’t normally found in the library. According to her it shouldn’t be reservable (if that is the word) but as I told her, I reserved it. So she helped me find the book, it wasn’t at the small children’s books Christmas collection, but someone had put it on the normal shelves. Love how every person working in the library has their own way of shelving books making it utterly confusing. 🤣

Stats: 46 books. 1 comic book, 17 picture books, 11 non-fiction, 17 fiction.

NOTE: Only one book I haven’t added to GR as I am not sure I will read it. It was a reservation, but when I checked the book at home it just didn’t seem that interesting.

Beledigde furie by Mary Brendan
Duel met de liefde by Georgina Devon
Bruiden van St. Brides by Bronwyn Browning
The Red Scrolls of Magic by Cassandra Clare and Wesley Chu
Last Tang Standing by Lauren Ho
Conefettiregen by Splinter Chabot
Sneeuwexpress by Suzanne Vermeer
Zelfs als we zwijgen by Marieke Nijkamp
De aftrap op by Bel Kaufman
Het diner by Herman Koch
Bedrogen by Annemieke Linders, Natasza Tardio
Bestemd voor mij by Chantal van Castel

Echte duiven spetteren samen by Andrew McDonald
Piet en Riet aan zee by Martine Letterie, Rick de Haas
Top Bob: de grote ontsnapping by Harmen van Straaten
Kerststress met stinksokken by Bram Kasse
Naima is hier nieuw by Carolijn Leisink, Anne Schneider

Lonely Planet’s Best of Greece by Lonely Planet
De natuur in; vogels spotten by Robyn Swift
Mijn Napels by Saskia Balmaekers
Diervrienden by Coco
Dit is mijn tuin by Vera de Backker, Rob Buiter
Naar het bos in de winter by Corona
Burgers & BBQ by Jord Althuizen
Waarom klimt een kat in de gordijnen? by Lily Snowden-Fine
Het geheime leven van virussen by Mariona Tolosa
De gruwelijke geschiedenis van de hele wereld by Terry Deary
Toekomst atlas by Tomasso Vidus Rosin

Suus & Sas #17 by Gerard Leever
Het boompje in het bos by Yuval Zommer
De kleine helper by Kathleen Amant
De kleine koning by Jan de Leeuw, Mattias de Leeuw
Nenna en de herdersfluit by Liesbeth van ‘t Hof
Iets wat sneeuw heet by Yuval Zommer
Het boek van de sterren by Sjoerd Kuyper
Wat zit er in je buik, mama? by Sam Lloyd
Bram en het droomengeltje by Harry Whittaker
Mijn schaduw is een luilak by Merijn Ruis, Sandra Klaassen
Alles heeft kleur by Fiep Westendorp
De ridder zonder billen by Levina van Teunenbroek, Charlotte Bruijn
Otto in de luchthaven by Tom Schamp
14 Muisjes aan het ontbijt by Kazuo Iwamura
Zing zing zing de wereld rond by Marieke van Ditshuizen
Kleine vos en het mooiste wat er is by Thysa Zevenbergen, Ru de Groen
Zo vang je een olifant by Vanessa Westgate
De paraplu by Ingrid & Dieter Schubert

4 thoughts on “Library Haul 12-12-2020

    1. Yeah, Library #2 is amazing that way. Most libraries here are quite limited with how much they let you borrow (though it can also depend on which subscription you take. Some libraries just have one for kids, one for adults, one for 65+, but some also have cheaper and more expensive subscriptions), but with this library’s expensive subscription I can get 60 books! Which is really rare. My other two libraries in other towns nearby allow 8 and 12 respectively just to show how big the difference is. Normally I don’t reach 60, but with corona I only visit libraries once every 3/4 weeks so I can stock up in this library. 😛

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