Library Haul 14-12-2020 (Library #3)

Library Haul 14-12-2020 (Library #3)

Morning all!

Welcome to a new Library #3 Haul!

Check out my Library #1 Haul post from yesterday on why I went to two libraries in one day + also check out the books I got there.

The second library of the day, and my stress levels were quite high, though I have to confess they did get a bit lower (10%) when I was at the library and knew I was in time. I wasn’t standing in front of a closed door. No, this library was welcoming me. I could get my books to get through this new bigger lockdown.

While I didn’t want to stay long for many reasons, I did try to go through it in a more relaxing way than at Library #1. I checked out all my favourite spots and shoved 4/5 books in my bag at the Children’s Book/YA department. They had plenty of new books that I wanted (including Thea Sisters and a new Girl Called Justice book).

I cannot wait to read these books, but I will have to keep an eye on how much I read. On the moment I would just love to disappear in books, but I need to pace myself to make it through 4 to 5 weeks of no library.

STATS: 12 books. 4 graphic novels, 1 picture book, 2 non-fiction, 5 fiction.

Dagje kunst en cultuur by time to momo
De gelukkigste klas by Jack de Boer
Het raadsel rond het rode huis by Bianca Nederlof
De geheime spiegel by Thea Stilton
Stripspektakel – Avontuur in Vlaanderen by Thea Stilton
A Girl Called Justice: The Smuggler’s Secret by Elly Griffiths
De eed by Henry Toré
Capibarry, de allerliefste reuzencavia by Ilse De Keyzer, Ina Hallemans
Toen David zijn stem verloor by Judith Vanistendael
Morgen weer een dag by Bart Schools
Ijstijd by Nicolas de Crécy
Het Reigersnest by Michaël Olbrechts

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