Library Haul 14-12-2020 (Library #1)

Library Haul 14-12-2020 (Library #1)

Afternoon all!

Welcome to a new Library #1 Haul!

Phew, what a stress yesterday was! I knew there were going to be new measures coming, maybe a new lockdown, because numbers here are rising. However I thought that things would at least stay open for another 2 days. Then my hubby saw a new newspost in which some of the new measurements were leaked. Apparently EVERYTHING but essential shops will be closed. That probably would also mean libraries as they keep getting closed here (despite barely any people visiting….). So instead of calmly going to Library #1 in the evening and then Library #3 in the next evening, my hubby decided to take the rest of the afternoon off so he could bring me to both libraries in time as he knows I need my books to get through this lockdown and he also knows from last lockdown that libraries may just close without any notice despite the lockdown not starting the next day. This new lockdown which will last until January 19th, but maybe even longer. Until we could go I was just stressing so much, both because of yet another lockdown and also because of the idea that I may be standing in front of a closed library.

Thankfully, we got to both libraries and I flew through both of them to find books. You can look forward to Library #3’s haul tomorrow!

I was happy to be back at Library #1, but due to the stress and full blown anxiety I just couldn’t really enjoy my visit. I had 3 books I wanted to find, in the end I found 2 of them and had another one reserved as apparently the second copy of the book that was supposed to be in the library… was missing. Given everything is closed now, I got something to look forward to. And then I just walked around the library checking out the newest book spots. I found quite some new books there, though I was sad that the English Children’s Books new releases table was totally devoid of books. 🙁 I was hoping to find some new book babies there as I have for the past few months. But at least I found other books and could quickly go back to my hubby for the next part of our library hunting.

All in all though, even with everything, I am happy that I got new books, there are some great ones in there that I cannot wait to start reading (Paul van Loon’s book being the one I am most hyped about).

STATS: 8 books. 2 non-fiction, 1 comic, 5 fiction.

Pages & Co by Anna James
De beste school van de wereld by Mannon Sikkel
Lichter dan ik by Dido Michielsen
Verborgen plekken by Sarah Baxter
Grumor in groep 8 by Paul van Loon
Hoe alles begon by Bouwine Bergsma, Adriaan Bijloo
Vrouwen in ‘t wit #42 by Raoul Cauvin, Philippe Bercovici
Dieren van de zee by White en Trinnick

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