Review for Donut Worry

Review for Donut Worry

Donut Worry, Donuts, Anxiety, Worries, Picture Books, Children's Books, Cookies, Food, Hungry, Friendship, Yellow, Cookie, Donut, Fun, Friendship, Christianne JonesI received this book from Netgalley/publisher in exchange of an honest review.

Welcome in a world where food is alive, which is not working for my stomach who gets hungry from the donuts.. but then sees they have eyes. 😛 Donuts are not supposed to have that, my confused and hungry stomach says. 😉

In this book we meet Donut, a pink and yellow donut with glasses, she is having a great time.. but then OH NO, school is coming up and she is having BIG BIG worries which I could totally relate to. I know the stress of the first days all too well. Especially when one goes to a new school. I did feel sorry for Donut that she let the worries take over so much, I wish she would have just talked to someone, like her parents (though maybe they would do the same as so many others.. say that Donut shouldn’t worry (that is not how it works people)).

Then a new friend appears (and yes, my stomach rumbled even harder because chocolate chip cookies are YUM) and he tells Donut to worry. Now, this may sound all wrong, but he means that she has to face them. Find help, do exercising, and many other things.

And so begins a new chapter in Donut’s life. She now has a friend who understand, but she is also working hard herself and I was just delighted to see that.

The ending was a happy one and I am also very happy with the last page which gives a bit more information on how to battle worries.

The art was just so much fun! I love how bright and yummy it was.

I would definitely recommend this one. For all us who worry.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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