Review for Lockdown Walks

Review for Lockdown Walks

Lockdown Walks, Netty Cracknell, Orange, Sunset, Nature, PhotographyI received this book from Netgalley/publisher in exchange of an honest review.

So I know that I wasn’t in the mood for more Corona books, but this one promised pretty pictures/scenery so in the end I just clicked on the Read Now button! I was curious what someone discovered on their walks. I wish I could be that carefree, and just go outside during the lockdowns, but I just stay inside. Doesn’t feel good to go outside. I am too anxious. During each lockdown (we are now at 3) there were still enough people who went on walks or bicycle rides. I know my hubby and I often were surprised at how many people passed by on the streets. I guess maybe if one goes outside during sunrise it is calm, but sorry, I am not a morning person. My body says no to waking up THAT early. 😛 My hubby does do bicycle rides during the morning (when it is good weather) and he enjoys it. We did try to also do evening bicycle rides during the first lockdown as I despite everything I wanted to try something outside, but evenings were just way TOO busy. We tried it once or twice but had to dodge so many people that it wasn’t fun for me at all. Even my hubby wasn’t happy about things. I know this isn’t part of the book, but I feel it fits with the review regardless!

This book is full of photographs that the author took during her walks (and bicycle rides apparently) outside. We see gorgeous sunrises, lovely and silent sceneries, though at times it really reminded me of Walking Dead or any other apocalypse story. Given how there was really NOTHING there on the roads and streets at her place, it was like humanity had left. It was really startling. I really liked seeing all the various sceneries come by, and I especially loved the swans and their little ones. Those were just so adorable!

Though I have to be honest I barely read the text underneath. I read the first couple of ones and also some later, but most I just skipped. I just wanted the photographs, that is what I came here for.

All in all, a very interesting and pretty photography book and I am very happy I clicked the Read Now and could check out this book.

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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