Review for Luna’s Yum Yum Dim Sum

Review for Luna’s Yum Yum Dim Sum

Luna's Yum Yum Dim Sum, Natasha Yim, Violet Kim, Pink, Clouds, Dim Sum, Girl, Pigtails, Picture Books, Children's Books, Birthday, Siblings, MathsI received this book from the publisher/Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

When I saw this book I was at first a bit hesitant. I am not a fan of maths. Not ever. I hated it. And I also honestly forgot most of my high school (we don’t have middle school here) maths and such. Basic stuff is still in my head easily, but don’t ask me anything like Pythagoras or how those things with x and ys work. 😛 But the rest sounded very cute and I loved the cover. Plus, hello, food? Sign me up!

Happy birthday to Luna, it is her big day and she is going to a dim sum restaurant with her family. Food, more food, and family, what more could one wish on a birthday (presents… all the presents).

The food arrives but an accident happens! One of the 6 buns (which are apparently for the kids why aren’t the parents getting anything) one falls! Oh no! Now there are two buns left! I did find it weird that they just went in a discussion on who gets what and why, when here in my country it is just OK to ask the waitress/waiter/someone else in charge, to ask for a new item if you drop it. No problem. You just get a new one. But I guess that is either different where Luna lives or they just needed to have a set-up for the fractions/maths part. I also found it weird that neither dad nor mom came between. Plus again, they didn’t seem to eat anything??? What is this?
But I did like the arguments each kid has and that they were working out on how to share evenly.

Though then there is the ending and whut? I guess it is cute, but did they forget the parents? Also, Luna is the birthday girl, why aren’t her brothers a bit more kinder and just giving it to her? Also why are the parents not eating? All in all, a book that could have been better. The set-up could have been worked out better. Now it just felt silly because as I said, it is Luna’s birthday and also why is no one asking the waiter/waitress for help on getting a new bun?
Cute idea, fun art, but yeah.. I am sadly not rating this one very highly because of everything.

Star rating, 2 stars

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