Review for Merry Cherry Christmas

Review for Merry Cherry Christmas

Merry Cherry Christmas, Man, Hand to Lips, Cherry, University, Christmas, Winter, Sex, Keira Andrews, Red Shirt, GlassesIt is about to become hot this Christmas! swoons

I have been eyeing this book for some time now, and I decided to just go for it and buy it. I needed something cute, fluffy and sexy for this upcoming Christmas.

It is almost Christmas and it is during a slippery and cold night that Jeremy and Max meet up in a very hilarious but sweet way. Max was just so gallant! And from that moment Max and Jeremy feel sparks (and we as the readers see the incredible chemistry that these two have), though they deny it for most (ARGHHH).

I wasn’t such a big fan of Jeremy in the beginning. He just kept going on and on and on and on about everything. He doubted everything. He was anxious about EVERYTHING. His constant thoughts were just getting on my nerves. Sorry Jeremy. Later on, thankfully, things did get a bit better. I get that things are new and fresh and you are worried, but live a little. I am an anxious person as well, so I did recognise some of his thoughts, but mostly I just wanted to shake him and tell him things would be fine. Just GO OUT, live life. Try things. It is scary yes, but if you never do it you will miss out.

Max was such a great character and I loved his friendship with Honey. I loved that he was thinking about what he wanted in the future and was worrying how he would make this next step. Would his parents approve? What about the promise? I was rooting for him to find the guts to just go for it. To just do what he want. Your parents just want you to be happy.

I loved how mature these characters were. While I would have liked them to talk a bit more at times (especially about their attraction to each other instead of Max pushing Jeremy away under the guise of him being younger and still needing to have a  good first year), I am still very happy with the conversations they had. Not only that, I loved how respectful Max was towards what Jeremy wanted. Jeremy is all virgin, hasn’t even kissed, and everything is very scary to him. Max takes it as slow… well, given how far they go I guess not that slow, but you know what I mean. I love how Max takes his time, explains things when things get scary, how they talk about what each of them would like, what they go off on, and so on. I loved how it was written. In the past years I have read quite a few books with sex, but only a couple were this respectful and carefully done. Not that the other books are bad, but mostly in those books the characters either know it already or just go for it without thinking too much about it. Oh, and I found it highly romantic how Max made sure that Jeremy’s first time was special. I was just swooning!

There are many sexy times, and while these days I am a bit better with them, at times it just was a bit too much for me in here as Max and Jeremy tried A LOT of things. Including rimming… and something fletching? Feltching? Something like that.. and I just don’t want to read that. Nuhuh.

I am not too sure how I feel about Meg. At times I quite liked her, but at times I just wasn’t a fan. I don’t know what it was that turned me away from her.

I loved Max his parents. They were just fantastic and I loved how warmly they let Jeremy in their lives. How they were there for him when his parents had dropped him. I loved how they involved him in so many things, even in Christmas. I also love how they were with Max and Meg. This family just emitted so much warmth and I wanted to step into the book.

I am not so happy with Jeremy’s parents, BUT I did see that the mom was apparently the biggest problem. Dad seems to be kind of OK with everything. But the mom. Dear Lord.

I loved how Christmassy things were. Not just with the decorations that Max his family had up or the inside of the house, or all the delicious foods, but also all the snow, so much snow! We barely get snow here, case in point today (23 December) it is pouring rain…. Bah. I want a white Christmas just like these characters had.

I am so happy with the epilogue! I always love it when authors give us a glimpse in the lives of the characters after the story ended. Are they still happily ever after after a year? What are they doing?

Now my wish is…. please give Levi a book! I would love to see that wonderful guy get a happy ending! We don’t see a lot of him, but what I see is that he is a wonderful guy.

All in all, HIGHLY recommended if you look for something hot, spicy, and sexy, but also super adorable with a couple to root for!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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