Review for Séance Tea Party

Review for Séance Tea Party

Tea, Teapot, Camera, Instax, Moon, Tablet, not matching socks, Graphic Novel, Ghosts, Haunted House, Cute, Friendship, Growing Up, Séance Tea Party, Blue, GHost, Leaves, Sun, People, Girls, Reimena YeeThis was a fantastic graphic about friendship, about growing up, about learning about oneself, and about so much more.

Meet Lora, a girl about to go from child to teen and she is not ready yet (and I so know that feeling). One day she decides to do a seance and so she meets Alexa, a ghost in her house. I really enjoyed reading about Alexa and Lora and seeing their friendship grow. But I also loved Lora and how she found her way as the months passed. How she met new people and how she made new friends (though really I thought that group of girls was way older, I was quite surprised when we found out they were just 15). I loved seeing Lora experiment with things and find her way in this new teen world. I could definitely understand her feelings on many points. When I was her age I didn’t particularly care about fashion or celebrities. Just give me a good book, and later some good manga/anime, and I was set. So I didn’t fit in that much. But I did find friends who understood me and with whom I shared interests.

I loved the message that while you grow up you don’t need to forget or lose your inner child and the magic that resides there. Because that is so true. Just because you grow up doesn’t mean you have to give up everything you love as a child.

In the meantime Alexa finds out more about herself. About who she was, her friends, and I loved those parts, but also made me sad because I read enough stories to know how this would end.
I really loved Alexa as a character, I loved how she could hug and dance and hold things, not many ghosts can do that so I was delighted. I loved how she was totally immersed in browsing on the internet.

The ending was just a big tear-fest, and I cried. Beautifully written.

Gorgeous illustrations, the style is just wonderful and I want more of Reimena’s art now!

I really enjoyed this book a lot. It was wonderful and gorgeous and WOW. I would highly recommend it to all.

Star rating, 5 stars

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