Review for That’s Snow Business!

Review for That’s Snow Business!

Sophy Henn, That’s Snow Business!, Bad Nana, Book 3, Children's Books, Funny, Girl, Woman, Snow, Knitting Needles, Yarn, Blue, Pink, Glasses, Theatre, Competition, Children's BooksSnow, glitter, sequins, and two old people ruining it for everyone~ A new Bad Nana is here!

I read this book in Dutch, it all depends on whatever my libraries have in stock. Sometimes they only have the Dutch one, other times you may find the rare English book. Since I wrote my previous review for the previous book in English I thought I would continue with that.

In this one there is tons of snow, man, I just love reading about that as we don’t get so much of it and definitely no free days from school even if there is some snow. But next to tons of snow and snowman building, we also have a talent show! Which started off pretty fun and I loved seeing everyone on stage and all the things they tried. From hoolahoops to sequins and dancing. I was so looking forward to reading more about the talent show… though I have to be honest and say that as soon as two people (Bad Nana and that other old man) took center stage, it just took away all my enjoyment for this book. I DISLIKED Nana and that old man so much. They took over the show and not just that, ruined it for everyone. Sabotaging acts. Not listening to anyone. Just taking over control without a care for the poor lady who wanted to organise it. I just wanted to throw my book in the corner. It just wasn’t fun any more.

That is also why the low rating. 2.5 stars is in the middle, I know, but it definitely means I am not happy. I can tell you that the reason why it didn’t become a 1 star is fully because of our MC and her friends trying to save the day, doing funny things, and doing something hilarious to get nana and the old man of their backs and then being a tough girl for speaking up about it. Plus again, snow. I love snow. And talent shows (without annoying people).

Also I found it incredibly wrong of the mom to just push our MC’s brother in her group. WTF mom? I get that you want them to be together and be nice, but this isn’t helping out.

All in all, I am not sure if I will read the next Bad Nana book. The ratings have gone down with each book, and there would have to be a big turn-around for me to get back to the series again.

Star rating, 2.5 stars

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