Review for The Adoption

Review for The Adoption

The Adoption, Graphic Novel, Tears, Beautiful, Zidrou, Peru, GrandparentsI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So, I read this book in Dutch last year (absolutely loved it btw), sadly, the library I got this one from (and the only one of my libraries who had it) only had the first part. So I was beyond excited when I spotted this book on Netgalley and it was the WHOLE book. I just had to have it despite half the story still being quite fresh on my mind. It does help that this one is in English, while the one I read was in Dutch. Plus, there is like half of the book that is just NEW and from what I remember there will be quite some things happening given the ending of the first part and I am eager to see how things will get solved there.

This book is about an old man whose son and his wife adopt a tiny little girl from Peru after a devastating earthquake that took the lives of hundred-thousands of people. The old man is now a grandfather… but he isn’t too happy with it. But I know that he will love her eventually. It just takes a while and some cuteness from Qinaya to win her new grandfather’s heart. That is the first part, the second part is about the old man going to Peru. Why, you will have to read the book.

Next to the grandfather making peace with the fact he is now a grandfather and Qinaya winning his heart, we also see other parts in the life of this family. Like his fitness buddies or well, just his buddies given that they feast after a bit of exercising. 😛 I love that they kept the name GeeGees, I was worried that may have changed, but no!  I loved their friendship and their bond. But we also see the old man’s relationship with his own children, in particular his son. Back in the days when they were small our old man worked so hard he didn’t have a lot of time for them. You can imagine that he now does have the time and with a new grandchild to help out with…  that his children (especially his son) may feel jealous. But I am pretty sure that they are also happy to see this other side to their father. There are so many facets and they make this book just absolutely wonderful.

Of course, we also see how Qinaya is adapting to her new surroundings, her new family, and a brand-new language (oh boy, does our old man have some explaining to do given her first word is hooker, yes, don’t ask). She is, as our old man’s wife said earlier in the book, cute as a button. I loved her enthusiasm. I loved how happy she was.

I do hope that my hubby and I are as happy and in love as our older couple in this one. Yes, they had their arguments and yes ups and downs, but in overall you could just see the love so so much and it made me happy.

OH LORD, and then the ending came for the first part and my heart broke in pieces once again. Tears. So many tears. Poor family, poor Qinaya. 🙁 I was bracing myself for the second part, I knew a lot would happen and I would need even more tissues than I needed in the first part of the book.

The second part, well. I enjoyed it, but I don’t know it just didn’t have the same impact as the first one. Though sure, there were two moments that had me crying. That last part, holy wow. In this part 2 the old man heads to Peru for reasons, and while he is there he meets people. There is talk about Qinaya, about the earthquake, about family. But we also see the POV of the son and the daughter and also the GeeGees make an appearance. It was interesting to read, but something was just missing. I would just have liked to see something more, some more details on what happened.

The art is fantastic. I love love love the style.

All in all, a great book. I would give the first part 5 stars and the second part 4 stars. In total I will give this book:

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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