Review for What’s In Your Tummy, Mummy?

Review for What’s In Your Tummy, Mummy?

What's in Your Tummy Mummy?, Sam Lloyd, Blue, Red Dress, Child, Boy, Mother, Woman, Picture Book, Pregnancy, Children's BooksA delightful fun book about a little boy guessing what is in his mum’s belly while she is pregnant!

I read this book in Dutch but decided to write a review in English. This was such a cute book.

In this book we see a mother and her little son. She has a surprise for him, and she lets him guess what it is as the months go by and she gets more and more round (really, at one point I thought she must be carrying triplets or more given how HUGE her belly was). The guesses are fun, I had quite a laugh at what the kid thought was in the belly (while also wondering why the parents never told about pregnancy and how it works). You can open the flaps to see what our little boy is guessing, though I have to say it could have been a bigger surprise. Because now I could guess it without even opening the flaps. Only the last one was truly a surprise to me as I didn’t expect that one. The others you could guess by seeing their movements/what they were doing at the moment.

The ending was really sweet and I was happy for this family. Hopefully next time though the parents tell the kid about what is going on a bit more clearly.

The art was quite cute, though what is up with mom’s belly at times? The first one it just looked like she had some kind of ulcer growing out of her belly. And at times I was terribly worried for her with how it looked. But other than the weird belly I liked the art!

I do love the English title more than the Dutch one as the English one rhymes.

All in all, a fun picture book about pregnancy and getting a new sibling.

Star rating, 4 stars

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