Review for Where The World Ends

Review for Where The World Ends

Bear, Rabbit/Bunny, Animals, Travel, Picture Book, Map, Glasses, Children's Books, Where the World Ends: A Zip Trik and Flip Adventure by Davide Calì, Maria DekI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just found out this one is written by Davide Cali when adding the book to Goodreads as currently reading! I have read a few of his books and in general I like them! Yeah, I picked this one out for the cover and blurb and didn’t even notice the author.

In this one three friends ask the question many kids have probably asked before: “Where do clouds go if we can’t see them anymore?” But I am guessing that unlike all those kids, many didn’t think to actually go on a quest,and also most kids can’t just travel all the lengths this group of friends travel.

I was very delighted to see that they didn’t just go and walk to the end of the world, instead they prepared themselves for it. Packing bags with food, items and whatever else may or may not be needed, making a map.

However.. after that instead of just going to search by themselves…. they ask everyone they pass by and that just got a bit boring. I thought the plan was to ask directions IF NECESSARY. Not all the time.. Come on, why don’t you just try it first by yourself and then ask people to see if anyone knows (besides everyone has a different opinion on what counts as the end of the world so yeah…). I would have loved to see them do that, that would have made the story more fun for me and more engaging.

Plus, I found the ending very disappointing. It ends just like that? Eh? I guess you will have to get an end somewhere, but I just wasn’t a fan of this one, especially considering they also climbed another mountain (and some other things), what makes this one special? The sun that is setting? Good lord…
The map makes an appearance, and I am not sure if I should laugh or just roll my eyes.

The art was OK. Not always my favourite, but in overall I enjoyed it.

So yeah, a bit confused with my feelings on this one, so I cannot rate it more than 2 stars.

Star rating, 2 stars

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