Review for Witch in Winter

Review for Witch in Winter

Witch in Winter, Kaye Umansky, Ashley King, Blue, Girl, Snow, Dog, Winter, WItches, Fantasy, Children's Books, Friendship, MagicSnow, snow and lots of jangle bells! Elsie has a whole new snowy adventure waiting for her!

It took very long to get this book as the date kept being moved forward. I was already thinking I would just get the ebook instead. But decided on waiting as I just like reading physical books more. But I was definitely crossing my fingers that this book wouldn’t be pushed to another month again.

In this one winter has come and snow is everywhere. Filling the streets of Elsie’s town until you cannot get out. I have never been snowed in, and while this was a bit too much for me. I wouldn’t mind being snowed in once. Just being able to do nothing. Just cosy up with a book and something warm. Though I would love to do what Elsie could do, teleport to the library. Ah, that would be awesome, though sadly we live in 2020 and that means alarm systems. 😛 Though if I had magic I would just disable those. Teehee. 😛

And then the adventure starts when Elsie learns that Magenta has disappeared! Someone has to look after the tower because a tower without a witch isn’t a happy tower and who knows who or what will take over? I just loved that Elsie was all in for the adventure, and I had a bigger laugh that Nuisance was also excited about it (yes, we get his thoughts a few times in this book).

It is time to figure out what is happening! Not just with Magenta, oh no, the snow is also a magical event. Jack Frost, who I always thought was a nice guy, was actually a villain. On the run. And he loves wreaking havoc and snow and ice. He is terrible towards his kids, and I can so understand why his wife stays home and doesn’t care about all the ice. She wants cosy and warmth. Jack Frost knows about the tower and wants it. Yep, you can imagine excitement a plenty.

We also see the POV of our weird Aggie/Sylphine. I am normally not that big of a fan of her because of how she acts and the things that happened in an earlier book, but she did have some good moments here. I love how she was with Tracy.

I just love that last parts of the book. With Elsie and her fabulous plan, what happened to Jack Frost, how we find out what is going on with Magenta (I KNEW IT), Elsie and what she is now at the end, and all the other parts. Love love loved it! Now I cannot wait for the next book and see what happens then. I already was hyped but with that ending? Even more!

The illustrations are top notch again and I loved them so much.

All in all, a wonderful book to read and perfect for this holiday season. If I cannot get snow here… I will just read about snow. 😛 Recommend to all!

Star rating, 5 stars

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