Blog Tour ~ 12 Days of Clink Street Publishing: Twenty Four Days to Christmas by Fred Arthur ~ Review

Blog Tour ~ 12 Days of Clink Street Publishing: Twenty Four Days to Christmas by Fred Arthur ~ Review

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Happy 12 Days of Clink Street Publishing! I am happy I can be part of the tour for this! Today’s post is all about Twenty Four Days to Christmas written by Fred Arthur. I really enjoyed reading the book and gave it 4.5 stars~

Next to a review I got information on the book. At the bottom of my post you will find a Tour Schedule.


Fred Arthur, Green, Reindeer, Santa, Girl, Christmas, Holidays, Children's Books, 24 Days to Christmas,I received this book from Authoright/publisher in exchange of an honest review.

I am writing this in the later part of November, this is my very first Christmas book before the season truly starts. My house is already mostly in Christmas mode, normally I wouldn’t do that until December, but this year I was like who cares, I need some sparkles and lights in my life. So I decided that I also wanted to read this book to get even more in the Christmas Spirit.

This book is about 24 days before Christmas and then Christmas itself! I thought it was a picture book (given the cover mostly), but it was just a normal book. No problem, even more for me to enjoy! Meet Poppy, a young girl who absolutely loves Christmas and wants to celebrate. NOW. To help her get through all the days of December before the event actually is, the parents think of a fun plan that I absolutely loved. They set up 24 stockings, like an advent calendar, and each new day brought something fun. I just had tons of fun watching Poppy discover each day and of course I was just as eager as her to discover what was in each stocking. What the plans for that day were (and there were many many fun plans and I am happy I was along for the ride). The parents really thought up everything, it was amazing, so much work must have gone into it.

I loved that each chapter was a new day! And I loved that not only was that noted in text, but also done by showing a little elf in a new stocking with the number of that specific day. That was just so cute!

And of course the Christmas eve/day was wonderfully fun!

While here we also have Sinterklaas and at most homes you celebrate either that or Christmas (as otherwise it would get very expensive). When I was little we celebrated Sinterklaas, later as I grew up we went to Christmas. But I can still remember how hyped little me was when Sinterklaas was coming. First the day he would arrive, the parade, then setting a shoe (with a drawing and maybe something for Sinterklaas his horse), and hope for candy or something small, and then building up to the big day, December 5th. I could so understand Poppy’s eagerness, her not wanting to wait.

The illustrations in the book were quite cute and I quite enjoyed them.

All in all, a very fun book about Christmas, about waiting, and about all sorts of fun things one can do around Christmas. Recommended.

Star rating, 4.5 stars


Fred Arthur, Green, Reindeer, Santa, Girl, Christmas, Holidays, Children's Books, 24 Days to Christmas,

Poppy is in agony – it is the First of December and she has twenty-four days to wait until Christmas and she is convinced that she will not be able to contain her excitement and impatience: How can she possibly wait so long for Santa to arrive? Poppy’s parents put their heads together and come up with a cunning plan that has Poppy completing a different, Christmas themed activity every day, to keep Her busy until Christmas (and Santa) finally arrives. Twenty-Four Days To Christmas is an Advent Calendar of a book, which can be read one day at a time, or as a complete story, and centres on Christmas, family and the magic of the Christmas season

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