Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 20-12-2020

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 20-12-2020


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Happy weekend to all my readers and a warm welcome to a new Sunday’s TBR updates!

I have had better weeks… The first few hours of Monday were good at last.. but after that we found out that we would be entering a big lockdown, even bigger than the one in March as now everything is closed except for essential stores. Which meant instead of going to the library in relaxation, it was hurrying and stressing and hoping that they wouldn’t close (as they did that during the first lockdown). My mental health also crashed again, it was finally going a bit better, but now it is down again, very down. Hopefully I can get things up again. One ray of light was at least that Yuki’s (one of my two dwarf hamsters) new huge cage came in THIS week (it is a Christmas present as she needed a bigger cage) and it is just huge. She is totally hyped about it and just had so much fun running around and trying all the new things.
Reading wise it was pretty OK. It is hard to ration my books when I just want to dive in book worlds and disappear, but I am trying my best! I found a new favourite (Confettiregen) and read other books that I really enjoyed.

What did I read from my TBR stack this week? Watch Over Me (gorgeous and powerful book full of emotion), Russische sprookjes (wonderfully told and featuring lovely illustrations), Confettiregen (HOLY WOW), Top Bob (meh, the dog had too much ego, and he was very mean), De natuur in (OK-ish), Alles heeft een kleur (making learning fun for kids, plus it was cute), Wat zit er in je buik (hilarious, but sadly also a bit predictable), Diervrienden (a fun book about animals who help out each other), Naima is hier nieuw (adorable and funny and I liked seeing Naima discover her new place), Waarom klimt een kat in de gordijnen (hilarious and learned a few new things, great art).

Here is a new stack. It is hard to pick books as I just want to read ALL the books but I have to ration my books. The lockdown is still until 19th January and who knows if it is then lifted or just extended. This week I am planning on reading the Christmas books I got from the library + my own Christmas book (Tinsel).

That is it for this week! Thank you all for reading, wish me luck on my TBR I could use it (as I cannot go through it too fast but also not too slow 😛 ). I hope you all have a happy weekend and a fantastic week, enjoy!

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