Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 6-12-2020

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 6-12-2020

Afternoon all!

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Happy Sunday all!! Welcome to a new shiny Sunday’s TBR Updates!

This week wasn’t that exciting. Just normal week, though my knee is now a 90% doing well rate, so I could do plenty of things again without collapsing in pain. I may make an appointment with the doctor though as there are still some things my knee is not doing and some spots that hurt too much. But in overall I am happy to be able to do things again. My ADHD was driving me crazy. No, we cannot run around. No we cannot have a dance party. No we cannot walk or exercise. You just have to jiggle a bit and sit still for most. 😛
Reading-wise. I read some ARCs that needed to be read, I read some library books that weren’t on my list but that screamed pretty loud and so I had to pick them up. And of course I dug into my TBR as planned. All in all a good week!

What did I read from my TBR stack this week? Stoorzender (interesting and at times funny, though very slow start), K-pop Confidential (loved it, though not a fan of the romance or the ending), Superjan (not sure what was different but I did enjoy this new edition), Kidsproof (fun and tons of good tips), WInter Wonder (funny, but also annoying), Zoete Zusjes (this was very sweet and lots of fun to read), Het Amusement (WTF, weird, but pretty art), Suus & Sas (funny), Jan van Haasteren (yes, so much fun finding all the details).

I tried and dropped: Great Godden (yawn and the writing style wasn’t my thing), Gastvrijheid is geen kunstje (could do with some editing/make it more interesting), Ibiza Club (yawn and I wasn’t a fan of Timo), Gek/Gaaf/etc. (it just felt like a guiness records book for animals, not my thing).

A new stack with many books! Yes, it is a very big big stack, but there are several books in there that I am just not sure if I will truly like + which have to go back to the library soon. But there is also plenty in there that I am looking forward to read. Hopefully I find some new favourites. Lifestyles of… I am reading it, but I am struggling to get through it. 🙁

And that is it for this week’s TBR Updates! My weekly TBR is set (though I always deviate a bit from it), and I cannot wait to start reading these books. Thanks for reading my post and I hope everyone has a great weekend and week. Be safe and I hope you all have fun books to read!

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