Teaser Tuesday ~ The Red Scrolls of Magic

Teaser Tuesday ~ The Red Scrolls of Magic

The Red Scrolls of Magic, The Eldest Curses, Book 1, Cassandra Clare, Wesley Chu, Blue, Silhouettes, Men, Red Font, Eiffel Tower, Fantasy, LGBT, Romance, Young Adult
I let Random.org select a page number for me and it settled on 187!

The boat slid on across dark waters. When Magnus looked behind him, he saw the last sparks of his magic sinking and vanishing into the depths. The sparks winked, bright blue and brilliant white, the gentle ripples of the canal becoming by turns rich purple, pale pearl, and inky black under the not-yet-morning sky. The water was suffused with a final luminescence before his blue sparks drowned. Magnus slid his fingers gently through Alec’s wild, soft hair, and felt Alec’s head turn toward him a little in half sleep. He heard Malcolm singing and remembered again his words from long ago.
I do not every want another love.

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