Waiting on Wednesday (Special Santa’s Wishlist Edition) ~ My Solo Exchange Diary Vol. 1

Waiting on Wednesday (Special Santa’s Wishlist Edition) ~ My Solo Exchange Diary Vol. 1


Happy Wednesday and welcome to a new Waiting on Wednesday! It is week 2 of Special Santa’s Wishlist Edition! This week I am eagerly hoping Santa will bring me My Solo Exchange Diary Vol. 1 by Kabi Nagata!

I absolutely loved her first book: My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness. It was a wonderfully written and gorgeously drawn manga with some relatable parts, some parts that had me feeling sad. So I was delighted when 2 years ago (yes, that is how long I have been hoping for this book) I found out she had more! I cannot wait to read what is next in her life, what kind of things will happen, what will happen between her parents and her (hopefully nothing like my relationship with my parents) and more. I am just hoping that it is this year that I get the book. crosses fingers After all, I am on Santa’s nice list!

My Solo Exchange Diary, Pink, Girls, Nude, Diary, Non-Fiction, Auto-Biography, Memoir, Sexuality, LGBT, Relationships, Manga, Kabi Nagata, Pink, Items, Floor, Vol. 1The sequel to the viral sensation My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness!
In this follow-up to the critical and commercial hit, Nagata Kabi uses engaging diary comics to explore her personal issues surrounding mental health, identity, and intimacy. Her relationship with her parents is growing more difficult than ever, and she struggles with the idea of living alone for the first time. Join her on her heart-wrenching, relatable journey through the challenges of adulthood.

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