Netgalley TBR Updates ~ 8-1-2021

Netgalley TBR Updates ~ 8-1-2021

Hi all!

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It’s been a few months but I am back with a new Netgalley TBR Updates!

Yes, I have had Netgalley books on my shelves these past months since September but generally I read them pretty soon after I get them. However with everything going on at the moment I cannot go through my Netgalley books in a binge/devour mode. We are still in lockdown for at least 11 days, but it may just be extended because things are still not going well here. I need to carefully plan what I read.

At the moment I have 9 books on my Netgalley TBR. 3/4 normal books (the Diary of a Cat is broken so I have no clue if it is a normal book or not), 2 picture books, 2 manga, 1 graphic novel. Eight books may not sound like a lot, I have seen people with 40 or even 100 books on their Netgalley, but it is a lot to me who generally has 1-3 books on her shelves.

One of the manga is a second volume, but it sounded so good that I just requested it. I got the first volume in my possession as well from somewhere else so I will be reading that first.

What do I want to read first out of these 8 books? I want to start with The Halloween Store first as I am in a horror mood, followed by Super Detectives as it sounds adorable, and then I may want to try the manga. I am very hyped about The Afterlife of the Party and I would love to read that first, but I have had a few bummer reads already this year that were books I was looking forward to reading so I want to wait a bit.

And that is it! Sorry for not doing this one so often, I just devour books too fast. 😛 I hope you enjoy the sudden reappearance of this post!

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