Review for Chickenology: The Ultimate Encyclopedia

Review for Chickenology: The Ultimate Encyclopedia

Chickenology: The Ultimate Encyclopedia, Barbara Sandri, Francesco Giubbilini, Camilla Pintonato, Green, Chicken, Non-Fiction, Children's Books, Gorgeous Art, Animals I received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

I love chickens and would love to have some of my own…. sadly, not going to happen as most gardens here are just not the right size for that. I want to give chickens plenty of space, and that is just not happening. Sadly. Because if I had a big garden I would definitely add some cute chickens to the mix!

This book is all about chickens. From what kinds there are (and how they look, I didn’t know there was a ninja, um, all black chicken) to feathers to how chickens are born to well everything else about chickens. I knew quite a few things already, the basics to say (how chickens are born/rooster differences/how chickens look inside/that they cannot fly, and some other basic information). But there was plenty of information that was very new to me and made me love these feathery girls and boys even more. I loved that it went much further than just biology and what chickens are. We also see stories, the history, what people do with eggs, and more.

I loved seeing the feathers (so many different kinds and I would love to add them to a notebook in real life).

I have to say I thought those combs mentioned were fake, or at least most of them! I really thought that there were just two or three kinds of combs, I didn’t expect there to be that many. So I did what every person would do when they have questions these days (especially when it is November and the libraries are closed and also not nearby), go to Google. There I found a wealth of information with photographs. And then I could believe! I even found a couple of other combs! WOW.

The art in this book is just gorgeous, beautiful, and wow. I loved it so so much!

All in all, this is one chicken-tastic book I would recommend to all. I learned so much new things!

Star rating, 5 stars

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