Review for .hack// Legend of the Twilight, Vol. 1

Review for .hack// Legend of the Twilight, Vol. 1

.hack// Legend of the Twilight, Vol. 1, Manga, Adventure, Fantasy, RPG, The World, Twins, Family, Manga, Tatsuya Hamazaki, Rei IzumiA new adventure begins in The World, this time featuring Rena and Shugo who are playing as the dot hackers.

I am in the mood for .hack again! I love the world and I love the franchise so much. I sadly never got into the games though I did try most of them either on PS or PC, maybe I will give it another shot soon. As this year I want to dedicate to watching all .hack anime again, read all the manga that I have. Now with us entering another year with Covid I need a world to escape to and what better world than The World. 🙂

I decided on this one first, it is one I haven’t read in years, so I don’t know all the details any more. Yay! In this manga we follow Rena and Shugo who have won a very special prize, namely the skins/outfits of the famous dot hackers! The ones who saved The World. Rena is very hyped about it as she loves the game but her twin brother Shugo.. isn’t that impressed. I have to say that I wasn’t such a big fan of Shugo in the beginning. Boasting, bragging, but also acting like this world is not interesting, not good, something silly. Rena however was such a sweet girl and I loved how hyped she was about The World and I know that if I had met her in The World, if we had a The World, I would definitely have hyped along with her. 😛 Shugo did change though, slowly. He got more interested in the world and started to kick some serious butt. Especially now that he had the bracelet he got more curious.

I loved seeing Aura again and I knew that this meant the mystery was starting fully! I have missed this girl and also instantly got her songs in my mind (played the soundtrack so much + watched the series many times). I hope we see more of her as the mystery and the story progresses.

Next to Shugo and Rena we also have Balmung (not such a big fan in this iteration especially found it creepy how he was around Rena), Mireille (who just loves treasure a bit too much at times), Hotaru (and her cute (well ish) pet), Ouka (our werewolf and I just loved this girl and how she acted).

This book is mostly humorous with a dash of adventure and fantasy and seriousness. I love it! Though of course I do hope it gets a bit more serious!

The art is really nice and I love love the style! I love the character designs.

All in all, the only thing I missed was some music, maybe next time I will put up some .hack tunes while reading manga. I would definitely recommend this one to all.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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