Review for It Came From The Darkness

Review for It Came From The Darkness

It Came From The Darkness, P.J. Blakey-Norris, C.L. Raven, Ross Baxter, Aimee Laban, C.M. Saunders, Owen Townend, Alain Elliott, Roma Gray, Black, Red Letters, Monster, Alien, Horror, Short Stories, Poems, Creepy, Ghosts, AliensIt came from the darkness…. several creepy and spooky short stories and art that will sure haunt your dreams tonight.

I was intrigued by the idea of a collection of short stories each exactly 100 words. Would it work out? Would the stories be spooky/creepy/NOPE? After reading this collection I can give the answer to both these questions: HECK YES.

Each of the stories (or poems) start with It Came From The Darkness. Or well, 99% of them do. I found one that didn’t start that way which had me confused a bit. I did love that the title of the book comes back in each (or almost) story.

The stories are great, at least most of them were. Just like in any collection/anthology there are always a few that aren’t my cup of tea. But as I said, most of them were, most had my eyes racing over the words, drinking in all the darkness. They are short but to the point and most of them were very creepy/spooky/NOPE/gory. I loved that the authors could tell a scary tale in so few words. It definitely requires skills as I have also read longer short stories that missed a lot of things.

Sometimes it was a bit too gory for me, but then again, these days my stomach just cannot handle much it seems. But me from a couple of years ago would have loved the gory bits as she had no problem reading them (or watching them given I somehow managed to watch Elfen Lied while these days I can’t even go further than 5-10 minutes before I stop watching 😛 ).

I am not too sure how I felt about the artwork. Some I liked but others just weren’t my cup of tea. Plus, it definitely didn’t help that I read this one in Kindle.

All in all, I am so happy I found this book. This was definitely a good read, full of creepy things! I would recommend it.

Star rating, 4 stars

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