Review for Kawaii Kitties

Review for Kawaii Kitties

Kawaii Kitties: Learn How to Draw 75 Cats in All Their Glory, Cats, Drawing, Crafts, Non-Fiction, Cute, Kawaii, Olive YongI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just love cats, I just love kawaii, I just love drawing. Or well, I used to draw a lot. But these days a bit less as I just got other hobbies. But whenever I see a book like this? I just cannot resist and have to get it.

This one shows you how to draw 75 kitties! From Catgo (dango kitty) to The Foodie to The Lucky Cat to The Chewer. There are many adorable and cute cats and I was regularly aww-ing and oooh-ing and laughing as well because some of these kitties were doing some funny things. I loved the variety in all the kitties. The author/artist really did an amazing job.
The book is separated into themes, we first begin with basics (facial expressions and colourings and more) and then follow various themes like food, playtime, etc.. I loved that each theme had a cute cat comic/illustration!

The drawing instructions are very easy to follow. Easy little steps.

I love the kitty colouring pages at the end! Definitely want to print that one out and get colouring.

All in all, this was just tons of fun. I haven’t tried to draw kitties yet, as I just don’t have any drawing paper around, but as soon as I do I have a couple of kitties I want to revisit and draw. Or try to. 😛 I would definitely recommend it to all the cat lovers and/or all those who like to draw some cuties.

Star rating, 4 stars

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