Review for Lifesize Dinosaurs

Review for Lifesize Dinosaurs

Sophy Henn, Lifesize Dinosaurs, Dinosaur, T-rex, Non-fiction, GreenROAR! Meet some LIFESIZE dinosaurs (or parts of them) in this delightful and fun book!

First up a big big thank you to my hubby for giving me this one for Christmas! I have been eyeing this book ever since I spotted it online where it promoted to have a 1 metre long T-rex mouth on its pages! Now after a few years I could finally see that myself along with many other images.

This book was an absolute delight to read! As the title say it is about Lifesize Dinosaurs. While of course most dinosaurs are a bit too big to be added to the book in Lifesize fashion, there are plenty of other things that are lifesize! Like that claw of a raptor, which was pretty terrifying even for a girl who has read MANY MANY dinosaur books. You would think I know, but for some reason it is still a surprise. 😛 But we also see eggs, a plate from another dinosaur (and then you had to add 12 more plates to get the whole dinosaur which was pretty awesome and yes, I put the pages to my back to see how it would look), and other fun LIFESIZE dinosaur parts. There is all sorts of fun information on dinosaurs and all that lived in those times. It was really interesting to read though I knew all or almost everything. I am glad that most dinosaurs still looked like dinosaurs and not overgrown chickens. Sorry, I am a girl who grew up with dinosaurs being scary reptile-like beings.

The art is also really nicely done! I like the style.

This is my very first 5+ starred read of 2020. My very first read of the year as well. The year is off to a great start! Whoop!

I would highly recommend this book to all who love dinosaurs, this is a book you should add to your collection!

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