Review for Love Hina, Vol.1

Review for Love Hina, Vol.1

Love Hina, Vol. 01, Manga, Abusive, Girls, Bikini, Landlord, Humour, Ronin, Dormitory, Ken AkamatsuIt is time for silly antics and trying to get into Tokyo U. Welcome to Love Hina. Sadly… there were many issues.

I decided that with the extended lockdown it was high time to reread some more of my old manga. I decided that this one would be fun to try out again. I knew I had some issues with the series back when I first read it, and was wondering if it would work out many years later.

Meet Kei, a guy who has been trying to get into Tokyo U for years now. I would say go to another university since it is apparently a very tough one to get into, but Kei has a promise. Which is cute and I found it sweet that he just kept going. I loved that he was 19, much older than many of the protagonists in manga. I did think that it was a bit sad that he kept getting in so many accidents (as in entering at just the worst moment, not thinking about the hole in the ceiling and what room it may end up in), he is quite accidentprone.

Ah yes, Naru, the worst girl in the world or at least a good contender for a top 5/10. Really, with reading this first volume again, I totally remembered all the crap she pulled in this series and how violent and horrible she is. I am sorry, but yes, Kei goes in the bath, but he didn’t know it was a dorm, he didn’t know the place was female only. Instead of going all violent and chasing him, maybe just understand that it was a freaking misunderstanding? She constantly goes off again him. And yes, some is partially Kei’s fault, he is a clumsy mess, but no one deserves what shitstorm he gets over him every time. She is abusive. Other instances: He just grabs a tissue, she enters and immediately calls him names (guys also use tissues for other things than well you know), she doesn’t lock the damned toilet door and is pissed that someone (Kei in this case) enters. Do you want me to go on?

Kitsune just was horrible, she forced Kei to touch her boob and then cried that he was assaulting her. WTF. Those kind of jokes I never liked. Disgusting.
The other girls, with the exception of Shinobu, are pretty hurtful as well. They are violent, they give him crap, and there is other things. At times I just wanted to hug Kei and tell him to just go. Screw it that you are landlord, this isn’t what anyone should go through.

Mehsi, was there anything you did like I hear you ask? Oh yes, plenty. I loved Shinobu for instance. She is really sweet and caring and I love how she, as the only one, doesn’t use violence on Kei when he haplessly does something accidental. I love how she is motivated by Kei and how he helps her with her homework. I loved that Kei keeps on trying. I love how he figured out why Shinobu was feeling unhappy on the 15th. I love the whole dorm and that it has hot springs. I love how big and roomy the rooms are, I definitely want to see other character’s rooms as well. Naru keeps hers pretty clean, and what we see of Shinobu’s she has a pretty cute room, but I wonder if Su’s is that clean or pretty. 😛 I also love the art in the series. It is a fun and energetic style that keeps things dynamic. I had a big laugh about grandma and her travelling the world, I cannot remember if she ever returns or if she just stays away. I love that Kei remembers the promise and cannot wait to see when Naru and Kei remember their past. Though again, I would rather see Kei with someone else. There are some scenes that made me laugh.

I am just not sure if I will continue this series. When I first read this story I found it problematic, but I could still enjoy things more. My tolerance was a bit higher for this kind of thing. Now I find it way too problematic and it just has way too many issues. The abuse isn’t funny. But I may give the second volume a shot. If I still have these feelings or if they increase I will just put the books back on the shelf.

Star rating, 2.5 stars

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