Review for Magical Sempai, Vol.1

Review for Magical Sempai, Vol.1

Magical Sempai, Vol. 1, AZU, Girl, Top hat, Stick, Magic, Magic Trick, Humour, Fanservice, MangaA boy regrets his decisions when he pops up in the Magic Club of his school. 😛

I watched this show when it was airing and when I saw the first volume of the manga was on sale I decided to give the manga a shot as well.

Meet our MC, a boy who would rather just game and go home but has to pick a club. Oh boy, he is going to wish he had picked another club room to check out because in the one he picked has a senpai in it who desperately wants to do magic.. but isn’t really good at it (I am still on the fence if it is just stage fright or if she is truly just not able to do things).

The sempai is trying and I admire that she never gives up. I would probably, after so many embarrassing events, have stopped already for the sake of myself. 😛 I love that she keeps trying new tricks and that she is trying to truly be a sempai for her assistant.

We also meet sempai’s sister and oh boy that one… That is all I will say. I am still laughing at how silly the person is.

I love how our assistant keeps coming back despite everything, even gets roped into things. I guess I can see why given the fanservice that our Sempai does without her knowing she is doing it (or well, generally she doesn’t know). I do love how good he is with magic and how that infuriates her. He can do all the tricks with ease and I wonder if he is just naturally gifted or if we will get to see him study hard on learning the tricks.

There is plenty of fanservice! Sempai really gets into some coughs interesting situations as she does her magic tricks. From stripping and forgetting her clothes to doves crawling through her clothes and entering out of the bottom to her getting all bondaged um tied up. I am still not sure how I feel about the fanservice, though it did make me laugh quite often. How did she end up like that? Really? HOW?

I love that we get some information on magic, on tricks, and some other things relevant to the story. I definitely learned some new things.

Next to that, I also loved the memos and the notes that were found in the chapters. They made me laugh and they added something extra. And I like that the chapters were separated in parts (with some funny titles to add).

The art was just fabulous. I love that, despite this not being animated, you could clearly see how pretty and interesting Sempai’s eyes were. I hope this doesn’t sound too creepy. I definitely don’t mean it like that. But given the other people in the story she has some interesting eyes.

All in all, definitely want to read this manga further. I had fun reading it and I love all the extras.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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