Review for Me Time

Review for Me Time

Me Time, Circle, Yellow, Blue, Pink Letters, Woman, Self-Care, Mental Health, Non-FictionI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I spotted this book and was curious about the topic. I have been trying to be more self-caring, but it is hard for me. I just feel so lazy when I try to do things like that. There is a deeper meaning to all, but I am still not comfortable throwing person life stuff on the internet. However, I am trying to be more self-caring. I think 2020 was definitely a year that made me care more about self-care and also that I started thinking more about it in different ways. So this book is perfect for me in 2020.

First up is an introduction on what self-care is. Which had me nodding along, though at times I found it a bit, as we Dutch would call it: zweverig. Not sure if there is a correct English term for it. But it means it was just a bit too much spiritual stuff. I am a very down to earth girl..

After that some other explanations and more self-care stuff along with activities and things to practice Sorry if it is a bit vague, my English brain is definitely having some errors today. 😛

And then there are x minute self-care things you can do. I love that there was so much choice and that you could pick something small or do something big. Things like meditating. Or light a candle. Perform a small act of kindness. Put on an outfit that makes you feel good. Watch a show. Eat a big bowl of pasta. There were quite a few that were just a bit too, here is the word again, zweverig or a bit too American for a down-to-earth Dutch girl. But I did find some things I already do and things I may do often if they count as self-care.

Sadly, I couldn’t read all the pages. 10 or so of them were upside down. Normally with a physical book that wouldn’t be a problem, but I just cannot flip my computer screen. And no, I am not holding my head the other way. There were also some blurry parts (the top left/right squares holding the parts were we are).

I love how colourful the book is. There is not a white page to be found. All the pages are bright and it makes it all so much fun to read.

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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