Review for Robert and the World’s Best Cake

Review for Robert and the World’s Best Cake

Robert and the World's Best Cake, Anne-Kathrin Behl, Pink, Plants, Boy, Dog, Cake, Toys, Picture Book, Children's Books, Family, Dog, Pets, FriendsI received this book from Netgalley/publisher in exchange of an honest review.

I just fell in love with that gorgeous and adorable cover.

It is a day off for Robert and his father, so Robert decides to make a GIGANTIC (yes, that needs to be in caps) cake. Invitations were made and I was oohhing when they blew away, I was definitely hoping that meant something.

I was a bit curious about how dad made the batter. That is not how a cake batter is made, or how it works… (cake batter isn’t something that just stays in its place, it is a bit fluid/sticky) so what is this going to be? In the end it looked like a cake…. but I am not sure if I would have eaten it given I saw the preparations and saw how it was build. It looked rather like clay. It was a disappointment as I was looking forward to father and son baking a cake. A real cake. And then turn it in a giant cake. I did love the decorations and how it really livened up the “cake”. So that really was a disappointment for me. It was still fun, but I just want real cake.

I am glad that the invitations came back again, though I am sure there weren’t that many. Oh well, it fits the story! And I was delighted to see all this happening and also how it all ended. That is such a fun solution.

I just need more and more of this author/illustrator’s art, it is just absolutely gorgeous and I love her style so much. There are so many details, you can just keep looking at these pages and you keep finding new details.

All in all, a cute book with gorgeous art, fun family dynamics, the invitations part was cute, but the disappointment over the cake really lessened my enjoyment. 3 stars.

Star rating, 3 stars

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