Review for Squad Goals

Review for Squad Goals

Squad Goals, Shequeta Smith, Cheerleading, Juvie, Young Adult, Comic, Graphic Novel, Sports, Grass, Building, Coach, GirlsI received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

When I got the mail from the author I was instantly curious about the book. Cheerleaders? Comic/Graphic Novel? Come on through! Two things I love! Cheerleading is such an interesting sports that I learned about from US series or books. While it seems competitive it sounds just so much fun and I would love to be a cheerleader.

On to the book. This book is all about the Wiley Moon Scorpions, a team from the juvenile detention center. Yep, these girls aren’t your standard high school girls, these girls are in juvie for all sorts of things. Things that we find out about in the first pages. Though I do wonder, do you really get sent to juvie for throwing a book at someone’s head? I mean the other girls I could understand, but a book? OK, it seemed this was not the first time, but hello they are bullying her? No one is doing a thing? The US is just weird.. I mean instead of helping her out, they just throw her in juvie?

The one to get these girls to form a cheerleading team is a woman named Walker. Again, I found it slightly hilarious how she was fired from the team, and hilarious as in hilariously bad. How is that even possible? Then again, from what I have seen in shows and books cheerleading is often serious business and I guess one mistake is all it takes.

I love how, at least in the beginning, we switch between the girls and the soon to be coach. We see two sides and I really enjoyed that. I liked seeing more of the girls and getting to know them more. See how they feel about being in Juvie and what their feelings are on cheerleading (so far 1 is totally enthusiastic and the others are not so sure). Later on when our coach takes the job (though I had a giggle at how the juvie center made it seem they are an academy) we see some fun cheerleading practices, I really enjoyed reading about those, though dang those girls indeed have A LOT to learn. Good luck coach! I was definitely impressed seeing the weeks go by, I understand now what that woman who hired the coach meant that these girls have skills necessary. The competition was a nice ending to this story. I am impressed!

I am superglad I got to read this graphic novel and I can’t wait for more about The Wiley Moon Scorpions. I need more! I want to see how far the girls will get, and what will happen when their sentences are over. The art was also quite fun, at times I wasn’t sure about the faces, but in general it was a style that fitted with the story very well. I would recommend this short GN/comic to all.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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