Review for Sylvie

Review for Sylvie

Sylvie, Sylvie Kantorovitz, Blue, Sketches, Autobiography, Non-fiction, Blue, Art, Artist, Memoir, Siblings, Family, FranceI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So this one sounded really nice and I was looking forward to reading it… I have to say it was a struggle to read. Which may have to do with how incomplete and chaotic it felt.

The biggest issue is how incomplete it is. Yes, this is an ARC. But let me tell you I reviewed hundreds of ARCs in the 6 years I have had my blog… and only a handful of them were incomplete. This one had textbubbles with the text very ugly put in (you could clearly see it was a rectangle of text that at times also went over the illustrations), there were handwritten parts that were blurry/not readable, the art felt very unfinished we begin with colour art and just a few pages later everything is sketches and without colour, but confusingly at times we get some pretty art and sometimes even colour art between things as well…. So confusing. It is just a shame as it really put me off from reading. It took me two days to read this one. Two days. That is long for me.

The story was OK, it is an autobiographical story about the artist. About her youth, about her siblings (how she had a better relationship with the youngest kids than with her brother), about her parents, the clashes between her parents, but also the clashes between her mom and the kids, we see how she loves drawing and loses her time in it. We see her go to art clubs, get good grades for art, though her parents are still not always approving of it, which I found a shame. If my kid had a talent I would make sure he can develop it. Of course, also having to do other school stuff as those are important as well, but definitely making sure that my kid could grow in what they love. I loved seeing France and Paris and all the surrounding areas. It was definitely interesting to read her go through her options, to rebel against her parents, and I love that she could talk to her dad about her choices. Her mum was all you need to do x study and y study, but her dad just wanted her to be happy and feel OK.
I also really liked that she found someone to love and I loved that they made long distance work. I kind of would have liked to see if they had gotten married as this book ends after she makes her decision on becoming a teacher. It just felt a bit abrupt and I would have liked some more to this book.

But yeah, the incompleteness and the chaoticness of the book really put me off so I cannot rate the book that high. A shame. The story was pretty good and I liked Sylvie.

Star rating, 2 stars

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