Review for The Birthday Almanac

Review for The Birthday Almanac

The Birthday Almanac: Discover the meanings, symbols and rituals of your day of birth, Claire Saunders, Alison Czinkota, Birthdays, Non-Fiction, Facts, Horoscopes, Trees, Fun, Cake, Candles, Children's BooksI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

To be honest, I am normally not one into almanacs or horoscopes (though I do like to read them sometimes just for fun) but I just couldn’t resist this book. My curiosity was sparked. I was curious to find out if I could find out more about my birthday.

I will be writing this one as I read. So it may be a bit chaotic, it may be a bit messy, but this is how I want to do it.

I starts off with an introduction, to which I could say no to 2 of the 3 things mentioned there. What the everloving cookie is a Celtic Tree sign? You also get a birth flower? Hold on? Planning your birthday based on your zodiac sign (people do that?).

After that book is split up in various chapters starting with All About Me, which explains all about zodiac signs, flowers, birth numbers, and everything else. Next up is Month by Month which tells us about events and activities that happen in the those months. Lastly we have Birthday Trivia which is pretty self-explanatory. Trivia of Birthday things all over the world and fun facts.

Haha, I had such a big laugh at the friend or foe part on the first part. I have been and am best friends with a Pisces (and also dated one), I have been best friends with a Capricorn for years. Both are in the Green aka NOPE NOPE RUN AWAY category. I am currently married to a Virgo (which is pink). So I definitely shook my head at that one. Apparently as an Aquarius there is no zodiac sign that I could be best friends for life with, now that is freaking sad. WOW. 😛 The Chinese Zodiac was fun BUT you shouldn’t just list one year but specify the dates. Because if I follow this one I wouldn’t be in my Chinese Zodiac as the year doesn’t match. That could have been done better. Also hilarious, once again I should stay away from my hubby as his Chinese Zodiac sign clashes with mine. OH LORD. 😛
The rest was fun though, I liked doing the numerology part and it fits very well! And I found out my flower (Violet, Primroses, and Iris) which I was delighted with as I love those flowers. And then we finally got the to mysterious Celtic Tree Calendar of which I never heard, so I was very curious. I am apparently a Rowan (The Thinker), I love it and it is all very very true. My mind is a beehive of busy activities. My hubby is apparently a Vine and his just DOESN’T match, I think he would laugh if he read what his thing is.

Next up is Chapter 2, wow, it took me long to get through Chapter 1! This chapter I mostly went to find my friends and myself as the text was just WAY too tiny on my computerscreen (and making it bigger just blurred it). But I did read the activities (and some fun facts) which were tons of fun and I would love to try out the ones I didn’t know already (like the chocolate brigadeiros, yes, this Aquarius wants to try that)! Oh, and apparently on my birthday the biggest chunk of gold was found, that is such a cool fact! And my hubby’s shares his birthday with Agatha Christie! OMG!

Lastly we got the chapter with Birthday Trivia! I really enjoyed this chapter and all the birthday customs, cake records, birthday food, and more.

All in all, a fun book, I learned some new things, still will stick to my point I don’t believe in everything and that I hope people make friendships with everyone regardless of their horoscope or whatever, I loved the art, the fun facts and the yummy things to make.

Star rating, 4 stars

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