Review for The Hidden Triceratops

Review for The Hidden Triceratops

I received this book from the publisher/author in exchange of an honest review.

I just HAD to say yes when I saw the mail for this book pop up in my mailbox. Dinosaurs? Children’s book? Sign me up!

I loved that the first chapters of this book gave some information on the surroundings, on dinosaurs, and some other things. I do feel that maybe it would have been better if this was all put under one header (Introduction or something like that) instead of giving it chapters. I think it would better show where the story starts and what is introduction.

In this story we follow two young dinosaurs, José a triceratops and Ski a Pteranodon! I love learning more about both these dinosaurs, not just story-wise (character and all that) but also about them as dinosaurs. Yes, this book is fiction, but does also give us some non-fiction information on the dinosaurs. What they eat, how they look, what they will grow into, and some other things. I had such a big laugh when José and Ski met up. Oh Ski, you big goof. 😛

Things got more exciting when Rex appeared! I loved those pages and I loved how brave both our characters were. Ski was just amazing. I had a big laugh when that happened. Oh no, I am not telling you, but it was fabulous. I was rooting for Ski.

The ending was great and I definitely am hoping that the author writes more books about this duo, because I want more of their adventures. I am curious who they will meet up next, what they will discover in their land.

The writing style, I had to get used to it. How to explain, mm. It felt like this book was at times meant for younger children (illustrations/the story), but the text felt more for older children. Hope that makes sense.

I have to mention the art! It is drawn by a 12-year old girl, I just love that a child gets a chance to illustrate a book like this. I definitely hope that they keep drawing, keep working, and definitely would like to see how their art changes and gets better. Good luck!

All in all, thank you to the author/publisher for giving me this book, I had fun reading it. Definitely distracted my mind from the news that our lockdown will be extended again (will be made official tomorrow 12 January). sighs

Star rating, 4 stars

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