Review for The Last Kids on Earth Survival Guide

Review for The Last Kids on Earth Survival Guide

The Last Kids on Earth Survival GuideAre you ready to learn all there is about The Last Kids on Earth? Want to do fun games and more? Then dive into this delightful Survival Guide!

First up a big big THANK YOU to my sweet hubby for gifting me this one on Christmas! I was so hoping to get this one since last year and now I could finally read it! I knew there may be spoilers for books as I am a bit behind on reading. I keep waiting for the hardcovers.. but have now decided to just go for the cheaper (like half of the price of a hardcover cheaper) paperback. Because I am behind on like 4 or 5 books. o.0

This book begins with a delightful intro that had me laughing. It breaks the fourth wall and I love love love it when books do that! And then the guide truly starts. In this book we get facts about the books, about the author, we even get a very fun interview, there are monster facts (and some I didn’t know so I look forward on seeing them appear in books), we learn about weapons and about what food monsters eat. And there is so much more. I soaked it all up. A lot of things I already knew, but the author made it fun to read again. He added some new things, wrapped older things up in funnier ways/things.

This book is not just a survival guide and doesn’t only tell you all about the books and the monsters and the world and well everything you may want to know about the series. But it is also interactive! While I am not one to draw or write in books, nope, I was enjoying all the things that popped up and I just did them in my head or I drew them with my fingers. I had fun doing quizzes on best friends, I loved imagining all the awesome outfits for not just me but also for the group of kids, I had tons of fun thinking up names for monsters and their traits, I loved making my own treehouse. And while I don’t wish for an apocalypse, no thank you, I had fun making up feats to do when it happens. As you can read, plenty to do. I was never bored. I was actually sad when it ended and I am kind of hoping for an appendix when the series does end.

I am so so happy I had the chance to read this book and I would definitely recommend it to fans of the series!

Star rating, 5 stars

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