Review for The Tree That’s Meant to Be

Review for The Tree That’s Meant to Be

The Tree That's Meant to Be, Yuval Zommer, Red, Tree, Animals, Picture Books, Christmas, Christmas Tree, Children's BooksA gorgeous book about a little tree in a big forest and the wonderful thing that happens during Christmas!

I am so happy I got this book from the library! It sounded like a perfect Christmas book, and it was! I read it on 2nd Christmas Day (yes, we got 2 days here in my country) and I just absolutely loved it.

Meet our little tree. He has big big dreams, but sadly he just doesn’t grow that much. Or well, he grows in weird directions it seems making him the odd one out in the forest. I was just telling him, yes, I talk to books/characters at times, that that would be good. And I was right! OK, it was also a sad moment and my heart broke a little for our tree. I really wanted to step into the book and hug him (yes, that will hurt, but he deserves one).

What happens next warmed my heart, the animals have a big big plan and I was just cheering in delight that they would do that for the tree. I loved seeing all the things they brought and what happened after. Party time!

I am happy that the tree realised that while he was not big and fluffy, he was perfect for this forest. For the animals who lived there and for the people who visited. That last page was just so sweet!

The art, well as expected from Yuval Zommer, was perfect and I still love their style so so much.

All in all, a perfect book for a cold winter’s night (especially when it is Christmas). I would recommend this book to all.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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