Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 10-1-2021

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 10-1-2021

Afternoon all,

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Happy weekend all! Welcome to a brand-new Sunday’s TBR Updates~

This week was a pretty OK week, the first week of the new year. Not a lot of exciting things happened, but that is OK in my book! I like a week of calm. My library attic has a new addition, something comfortable, my Christmas/I survived 2020 gift to myself, a brand-new Fatboy has arrived. I cannot wait to spend hours reading on it, it is very very comfy.
Reading-wise, still rationing. Cannot wait until the lockdown is over and I don’t need to keep counting my books and keeping an eye on my reading. This week I read a blend of ARCs, Kindle books, manga, and books from my stack. It was quite fun!

What did I read from my TBR stack this week? .hack//legend of twilight (soooo good, happy I started re-reading this series), Aho-Girl (funny, but at times cringy), Dit is mijn tuin (informative, but the MC was annoying and ruined it for me), Bedrogen (interesting to read and I felt for the woman), Het Diner (eh, OK, but the characters were horrible and it was hard to read at times), Mijn schaduw is een luilak (cute and funny with plenty of adventure), Otto in de luchthaven ().

I tried and dropped: Heartless (too long descriptions, characters so-so), Bestemd voor mij (it just didn’t work for me), Het raadsel rond het rode huis (didn’t like the writing style nor the characters).

And here is my wayyyyy too huge stack! No, I cannot read everything here this week, the lockdown may be extended after all, but I do want plenty of choices in my books. I was almost tempted to add more books, but I held back! I also added some manga to re-read and one (Aho-Girl) which is a new manga series.

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And that is it for this week! Thanks for reading this post, be sure to root for me that I don’t devour all these books in one go. I guess it at least helps that a new anime season started and I got plenty to watch! Until next week~

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