The Last 10 Books Tag

The Last 10 Books Tag

Afternoon all!

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Welcome to a new Book Tag! Today I am showing you my answers to The Last 10 Books Tag!

I was doing my daily bloghopping when I came across this fun tag and knew that I had to answer these questions. I had to move some things around on my schedule so I could post it sooner as my schedule is so full at the moment. And here we are!

I found this tag on Kristin Kraves Books, be sure to check out their blog~ If you know the original tag maker, let me know and I will add their info to this post!

Ready? Let’s go~~~~

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The Last Book I Gave Up On

Heartless, Alice in Wonderland, Retelling, Fantasy, Queen, King, Crown, Sword, Baking, Marissa Meyer, Young Adult

This one! I have had this one on my shelves for almost 5 years, finally decided to try it and it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

Last Book I Re-read

.hack// Legend of the Twilight, Vol. 1, Manga, Adventure, Fantasy, RPG, The World, Twins, Family, Manga, Tatsuya Hamazaki, Rei Izumi

I am currently re-reading quite some manga! But I will pick this one as it is part of my .hack 2021 project. Rewatching/re-reading the series.

Last Book I Bought

Roze Brieven, Splinter Chabot, LGBT, Letters, Non-fiction

I wanted to buy some new Dutch books and this is one of them.

Last Book I Said I Read But Actually Didn’t

Shakespeare, Book, Reading, Works, Poems

I think that happened maybe once? I am not even sure as it has been some time. I believe it was a book about Shakespeare, and while I did read parts I never finished it completely. Yet my friend thought I had and I didn’t correct her? Does that count? Do note that this book listed isn’t the one, but I have removed the book from my collection years ago and I just cannot for life remember what the cover was or which edition. So I just picked a random Shakespeare book.

Last Book I Wrote in the Margins Of

Sorry, I don’t write in my books. Never done that. Not even in school books as those had to go back at the end of year (or were too expensive).

Last Book That I Had Signed

May Day, Seekers, Red, Castle, Vampires, Josie Jaffrey,

I will go for this ARC which I didn’t request to be signed as per question, but that I got signed when I requested an ARC. This is an interesting question though, I think the last time I had a book signed was 6 years ago? I met one of my favourite Dutch authors, Jen Minkman. Other than that… English authors barely come here, if at all, and Dutch authors are also a rare sighting (plus, a lot of Dutch books I read are kids books.. I am not going to a signing for that 😛 ). So I don’t really have a lot of signed books, I think maybe 5-10 books out of my hundreds have an autograph. I would love more though!

The Last Book I Lost

I don’t have a clue how the book looks any more, but yes I lost a book. Quite some years ago I traded books with someone, we liked the same subject, Egypt. We were planning on trading the books back when we were done with them but then he suddenly moved and we lost contact. It didn’t help that we weren’t friends, we were just people who had the same interest.

The Last Book I Had to Replace

I haven’t had to replace a book in my life I believe. I am just very careful with my books, even my childhood books look pretty good despite their age. I do re-read books and some books clearly show their age and that they have been read enough times, by discoloration or small creases as the paper is getting older or other signs. But that is all.

The Last Book I Argued Over

The Famoux, Kassandra Tate, Purple, Pink, Girl, Laser, Dystopia, Young Adult, Fame

Mm I don’t really argue about books, I don’t feel comfy doing that online as things get pulled out of context easily, and I don’t really have a real life friend who likes books as much as I do. I do talk about books with my hubby at times, if I need to vent or rave. But that is it. If that counts as well for this question then I will pick this one. LORD. This book wasn’t for me.

The Last Book You Couldn’t Find

I am not even sure which book that would be, I generally know where my books are as I regularly go through my bookcases to sort books or get books for my blog.


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This was such an interesting tag and I am delighted that I found it! dances I would tag everyone! I am curious to see what my readers would answer to these questions~

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