Top 10 Books January 2021

Top 10 Books January 2021

Afternoon all!

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Goodbye January, hello February! Welcome to a new Top 10 Books, this time for the month January (which just flew by).

This month was an up/down month. Not much special happened that really stood out. Well, OK, the lockdown got extended… that was not good.

This month I had two 5+-starred books and thirteen 5-starred books.

Disclaimer: The order of this list is random. The 5+ stars (if I have any) will always be on top, but that is the only non-randomness about the list.

Roze Brieven, Splinter Chabot, LGBT, Non-Fiction, Letters, Beautiful, Pink, Stamp
Sophy Henn, Lifesize Dinosaurs, Dinosaur, T-rex, Non-fiction, Green
The Last Kids on Earth and the Cosmic Beyond, Boys, Girls, Monsters, Zombies, Graphic Novel, Children's Books, Max Brallier, Douglas Holgate
Review to come Feb 19th
Alter Ego, Ana C. Sanchez, Girls, Red Hair, Dark Hair, Skirt, Clouds, Cute, Stages, LGBT, Romance, Friendship, Cover Love, Sister
Review to come Feb 2nd
The Haunting of Beacon Hill, The Beckoning Dead, Book 1, House, Light, Birds, Horror, Ghosts, Possession, Nightmares, Creepy, NOPE, Ambrose Ibsen
Review to come Valentine’s Day
The Cat Proposed, Men, LGBT, M/M , Romance, Bakaneko, Fantasy, Adorable, Dento Hayane
Japan: A Guidebook to Special Places, Takashi Sato, Tree, Road, House, Japan, Travel, Guide, Non-Fiction, Hidden Spots
Zom 100: Zombie ni Naru made ni Shitai 100 no Koto, # 2, Haro Aso, Koutarou Takata, Shark, Boy, Superhero Outfit, Manga, Zombies, Post-Apocalypse, Bucket List
Review to come March 15th
Diary of the Cat Named Carrot, Erin Merryn, Cat, Tutu, Pink, Cute, Diary, Non-fiction, Cats, Family,
Echte Duiven spetteren samen, Real Pigeons, Book 4, Orange, Pigeons, Humour, Children's Books, Short Stories, Illustrations, Ben Wood, Fries, Rat

8 thoughts on “Top 10 Books January 2021

    1. I would recommend all of these! Yay, I am happy I am not alone. Before I knew it is was the end of the month. Thanks for commenting~

    1. Aww, thank you! 😘 Thanks! Yay, and I would highly recommend the entire series, all the books are so much fun and the story (and characters) get better with each book~

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