Book Haul February 2021

Book Haul February 2021

Afternoon all,

Welcome to a brand-new Haul, February flew by and I got some nice new books to share with you all today! Welcome to a new Monthly Book Haul post!

It was a good month, reading wise + there was my birthday and Valentine’s Day. Sadly, also extended lockdown, vaccines for people like me have been moved back to May…. But let’s keep this post happy, shall we? This was a good month with books, I added some new manga (German manga isn’t so expensive so I want to grow my manga collection again), won 2 books, and got quite some other new books which all look very pretty!

This month I only read one book from my new books stack. Haha. 😛 In my defence 5 of these didn’t get here until a few days ago (with two of them coming in yesterday). And also lockdown. But I hadn’t expect to have read so little of my new books.

The two pictures may look a bit weird, one I did during the afternoon, the other during the evening (was waiting for two books and then totally forgot to make a picture as I had a superbusy day).

Oh, and be sure to also check my birthday book haul, my hubby spoiled me!

Pre-orders/Gift: 5 || Normal: 5 books.

Pictures, Emoji, Cute

Book List, Emoji, Cute
Bloedkoraal Linda van Rijn
Don’t Tell a Soul by Kirsten Miller
Arlo Finch in the Kingdom of Shadows by John August
Ships by Various comic artists
Het complete airfryer boek by ?

Koro-sensei Quest!, Vol.1 by Yuusei Matsui
Blue Flag, Vol.2 by Kaito
The Monster Doctor Revolting Rescue by John Kelly
This is not a Jess Show by Anna Carey
Mercy by Mirka Andolof

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