Netgalley TBR Updates ~ 17-2-2021

Netgalley TBR Updates ~ 17-2-2021

Hi all!

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Welcome to a new shiny Netgalley TBR Updates! Yes, I know, I did one two weeks ago, but dang I got some new books to share with you all!

The lockdown is still on-going, here is to hoping it is over in 13 days crosses fingers. I have been clicking request/read now a bit more eagerly than normal, though still within limits. I have gotten a few new approvals. All in all, I am very happy with my Netgalley TBR, though it is hard not to just read them all as soon as I can. Haha.

I managed to read several books from my previous Netgalley TBR Updates, namely: Storm Kids (which was interesting and had good art), Dead Day (creepy, at times a bit confusing, but all in all good concept), Hollywood Trash (I still don’t know what I read… nothing made sense), BL Fans Love my Brother? (funny, though I am really not going to be reading books with shut-ins any more), This Wonderful Season with you (romantic and fun though at times I was frustrated), Mommy Cusses (hilarious). I DNF-ed: The Afterlife of the Party (while I loved her books when I read them 5 years ago… I grew up, but the writing-style just stuck to that time and we don’t click any more), Freddy vs School (as the MC was horrible), Artistic Places (as I couldn’t read this one normally so I will wait until a translation appears in the library).

I now have 15 books on my list! Featuring 5 from last time, and 10 new books! 9 manga/graphic novel, 2 non-fiction, 4 normal books. I am so hyped that I got so many manga/graphic novels on my list, I love reading those. But I am most HYPED about Dowry of Blood, I have been eyeing that book for several months now and when it got up on Netgalley I just prayed that I would be able to read it. YAS!

What are my plans? Mm, well, definitely Dowry of Blood and Magic Mutant Nightmare Girl. One because points to the text above and two because Magic Mutant Girl is coming up for March and I want to read it in time. After that I will probably write down the names of the Manga/GN and draw one. Haha, I just cannot pick!

And that concludes this Netgalley TBR Updates! While I wish I could read on, I am so happy I can share these amazing books with you all~ I hope you all have a great week~

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  1. I have an arc of magic mutant nightmare girl too. The author Erin is really nice. Good luck with your reading, I have 12 netgalley arcs to read. At least I thnk its 12 🤔

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