Netgalley TBR Updates ~ 3-2-2021

Netgalley TBR Updates ~ 3-2-2021

Hello everyone!

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Welcome back to a new Netgalley TBR Updates! I am so hyped to show you my new Netgalley TBR!

We are still in lockdown (probably for another 3 weeks) and so I cannot read fast through my books. It is so hard to pace myself, I just want to dig into these books as soon as I can. But that does mean I can share my Netgalley TBR with you all! And that is happy news~

EDIT (7pm CET): So, I just posted this post like 2 and a half hours ago.. and in that time I have gotten 3 approvals for earlier requests and I found a Read Now… I decided that is plenty reason to update this post. Haha. 🤣😱

Currently I have 14 books on my TBR. 7 normal books, 3 manga, 4 graphic novels! You may recognise two of them, I still haven’t gotten to reading those 2 books. I am planning on reading The Afterlife of the Party soon, it is probably going to be my before-I-go-to-sleep book. I am really happy with my collection, there are books with horror, with fantasy, with demons and humour, and parenting. I still have 12 pending requests and I am hoping to hear from them soon…

What am I planning to read first? As I said, The Afterlife of the Party definitely needs to be read soon. But after that I want to start with Mommy Cusses as it sounds the most hilarious, followed by one of the manga (not sure which they all sound awesome), and then I want to try Carpe Demon.

That is the end of this Netgalley TBR Updates! Thanks for reading, and you may just expect another Netgalley TBR later this month!

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