Online Bieb Book Haul 25-2-2021

Online Bieb Book Haul 25-2-2021

Hi everyone!

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Welcome all to a brand-new Online Bieb Book Haul! I got all new books and I cannot wait to share these with you!

The three weeks, thankfully, flew by and I have been looking around for new books since last week. I found quite some books, maybe books I would rather read physical.. but libraries are still closed and I have no clue when things open again, so I will just read ebooks and see if it works out.

This time no Glitterwings Academy, the previous book just wasn’t my cup of tea. I may continue the series later on, but for now it is on-hold.

Oh, and for the people who are new to my Online Bieb/Online Library hauls? I started these this month, you can read more about how it works/my experience with it in my first post here.

STATS: 9 books. 8 Dutch, 1 English (I so wish they would update their collection). 4 non-fiction, 2 thrillers, 1 fiction, 2 children’s books.

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