Online Bieb Book Haul 4-2-2021

Online Bieb Book Haul 4-2-2021

Hi all!

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Welcome all to a new kind of book haul! Welcome to Online Bieb (Online Library) book haul!

The libraries here are still closed, my books are depleting, so I decided to make use of the Online Bieb once again. I have been using it on and off in 2020, getting one or two books here or there. But during this Lockdown (14-12 to ????) I have been using it more often. However, my mind was not all that there that I thought of posting my new book babies in a haul post. Since the lockdown is seemingly continuing, I thought I could do a new post, especially since the books I had on my shelf were all going back and I could get a bunch of new ones. In this post I will show you my old books (I made a screenshot of them) and then will show you my new book babies.

Let me first explain what this Online Bieb/Online Library is. Simply said, it is a library that is online. It features ebooks (for kindle/tablet/pc/ereader) or audiobooks. You can buy a subscription, or if you are like me and have a normal library subscription at one of the libraries in my country you can just make a profile and login. You can rent 10 books every 3 weeks. I thought that maybe, since these are ebooks, you could bring them back when you read them. Sadly, you cannot. You have to wait for 3 weeks until the books disappear from your shelf. They are trying their best to add new books, but apparently (I asked them on twitter about it as I was disappointed about the collection) there is a whole thing about it. They cannot just add things. So, the collection is a lot of older books. English is almost non-existent which makes me weep. BUT, I am still happy I had the chance of getting books to add to my dwindling collection of real books.

I had lots of fun browsing through the library and I found several books that look really interesting and that I cannot wait to read. NOTE, as I said, English is pretty non-existent so 99% of these are Dutch. I found one adorable English series that I am currently reading so that one is listed. I cannot wait to start these books, they all look so good!

First up my old collection:

Now my new collection which I decided would be fun to do with bookcovers instead of the list above.

De laatste reis van de Boswachter, Green, Roadtrip, Adventure, Car, Mountains, Dirk Jan Roeleven, Hester van der Vliet

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    1. You’re welcome! My Online Library is for The Netherlands, but I do know most other countries also have something similar where you can get tons of ebooks. 🙂 Hope you enjoy! You’re welcome!

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