Review for Alter Ego

Review for Alter Ego

Alter Ego, Ana C. Sanchez, Girls, Red Hair, Dark Hair, Skirt, Clouds, Cute, Stages, LGBT, Romance, Friendship, Cover Love, SisterI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just fell in love with this cover when I spotted this graphic novel on Netgalley. Plus, I love the manga-style drawings, they look so pretty! Since I am quite tired (reading and writing this on a Friday after a long day) I am doing a good/not so good review.

😍Cover. It is so cute and adorable. I love how one of the girls is all confident and the other is flustered.
😍The artwork inside. I just love it when books with art also add extra sketches and extra illustrations as an extra. And we get plenty! Sketches, full colour illustrations. LOVE LOVE.
😍Instead of chapter names/numbers we get stages. From Denial to Connection and then there is a Final Stage called: Our Best Friend. I was definitely eager to get started seeing those stages. What would happen in each of them?
😍I really liked Noel, while I haven’t been in love with a best friend, I could understand how painful it must be for that friend to be, as she would see it, snatched away by someone else. Instead of having her around all the time, you will only see her sporadically, not to mention the love you felt… well nothing is going to happen. I just wanted to give her hug. I could definitely understand why she was angry at Elena, and I am sure Elena understands slightly what is going on, but maybe a talk would have been better right away. It was great seeing Noel change as the stages came and left. The author did a really good job on showing Noel’s emotions.
😍June was an interesting character… though I wasn’t a big fan of her in the beginning. She seemed to be intend on spoiling the beans on what Noel confided in her and I am just not a fan of that kind of crap. I get that you are Elena’s friend as well, but oh boy, don’t go that direction, please. Thankfully, she got better with each page, with each stage and I slowly found myself really liking her. She really opened up herself to Noel. Which made us see a whole different side.
😍Elena, I wasn’t sure how to feel about this girl at first, but I pulled myself from Noel’s POV and away from her anger and I could clearly see that this girl wasn’t too blame. Yes, this sounds weird, I know, but we see everything from Noel’s POV, her pain, her anger, and you can’t help but feeling angry too. I had a big laugh at her plans in quite a few parts of the manga. Oh girl. Go! I loved how she was there for both her friends, a lot of times in romance manga friends drift apart or have little time when one of them gets a boyfriend (or girlfriend).
😍I loved seeing June and Noel drift together, find each other, and bond. While in the start I wasn’t shipping them, slowly but surely I saw a connection, a spark and boy, I started shipping. I was hoping these two could find love together, be together.
😍While it was sad, I was happy with the backstory we got on June. Poor thing. hugs June
😍There were moments I was just tearing up. That one scene around page 110 to 117 was just so powerful, so wonderfully written, I just couldn’t help but tear up. And there were other scenes as well.
😍The last stage/chapter? chef kiss LOVED IT!~
😍Always love it when the title of a book gets named, and in this case I was just squeeing as it made perfect sense and was just great.

😶I was quite confused about the ages of the girls. I definitely hadn’t expected them to be drinking age. 😛 I thought more like 16-17. And yes, one of the girl’s lives in a home of her own apparently… but I am so used with that happening in manga/anime (no parents, alone in a home, 14-17 years old) that it didn’t stand out. Later we also learn they are in university, and here I thought they were in high school.
😶I am still not sure how I feel about Noel’s sister. Lord, she was annoying at times. You JUST DON’T ENTER A ROOM WITHOUT KNOCKING and YOU RESPECT YOUR SISTER’S PRIVACY (aka not breaking in on her PC or checking her stuff). Sorry, but that needed to be in caps. Lord.

As you can see A LOT of good, I really really enjoyed this one and I was pulled in totally. I love the manga-style art, it was really cute and I love the character designs. All in all, are you looking for a read about losing love and finding love? Friendship? Then be sure to check out this sweet and beautifully written graphic novel.

Star rating, 5 stars

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  1. I’m really glad you liked Alter Ego! Personally, it wasn’t my favorite but that’s just me hehe. Great review Mehsi!!!

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