Review for Beach Battle Blowout

Review for Beach Battle Blowout

Beach Battle Blowout, Go Karts, Chris Grabenstein, Welcome to Wonderland, Book 4, Orange, Girl, Boy, Motel, Grandparents, Family, Humour, Children's Books, IllustrationsCompetition has arrived to our little region and things get very crazy and oh so much fun!

The fourth book in the series and BOY I need more now. This one was so much fun I almost finished it in one go during the 1 to 1.5 hour I had before sleeping. Sadly, I was too sleepy to finish the last few pages, but boy I wanted to do that so much! The author just writes so well and so engaging that you cannot drop the book!

In this one we have a BIG BIG competition happening. This time Wonderland may make a chance and P.T. granddad is, rightfully so, totally hyped about it. Which made me smile. He never had the chance to beat Disney but now, with Disney out, he may have a chance at a prize! I loved seeing P.T., granddad, and Gloria all try to make the motel even more fun. For granddad that meant new rooms that I would love to stay in, for P.T it meant scoping out the competition and get some fun activities started, new stories made, and more. Then there is Gloria who can finally put her stock knowledge to use with the help of granddad. Which just made me smile so much. Plus, she has some other fun strategies that she is going to employ in this book! Smart characters like Gloria are a bit hit/miss for me, sometimes writers just don’t write them right, but Gloria is just wonderful, it definitely helps that she just as eagerly participates in P.T’s wild ideas as many others do.

The competition was so much fun and I loved seeing all the different attractions in the area. From alligator karting to fun castles to golf to pirates and almost puking kids, there is a lot happening and I was just smiling so much! I did think it was rude/sad that there was cheating involved and that even P.T. was thinking of copying people (but thankfully, he just kept it nice).

There is also two new additions to the cast, one permanent and the other I am sure will visit when they can. Namely, Dill who is a little boy whose family is staying in the Wonderland and who is having a fantastic time. I love that P.T. involves him in things, makes him a part of the Wonderland crew! Dill was a very nice character and I loved seeing him enjoy his time in Wonderland and the surrounding area. Next up is Air Fur One, a adorable dog owned by Jimbo. I just love love love that dog and his skill was just perfect for the book.

There is A LOT more happening in this book, again it was just too much fun. The ending (who wins the competition and much more) was a delight and I was just giggling and OMG-ing when we find out certain things! I won’t spoil anything, but I loved the ending!

I am still not sure how I feel about P.T. stories/embellishments. On the one hand I love them when they are done in an entertaining for the hotel way because he truly spins some tales, but in the classroom or outside it just feels a bit too much to lying. It doesn’t help that quite a few people are gullible and believe P.T.. I guess if no one would believe these wild stories I would still be a bit on the fence about it but less.

BTW, I will stick to what I probably already said in earlier books reviews: Frumpkes must be fired as a teacher. What a horrible person that guy is. Inside school, but also outside. I get that P.T. frustrates him, but it is just not good when a teacher does and says such things. I was so happy that it was vacation for our kids, but sadly, Mr. Frumpkes keeps popping up and being a total warthog. 😐

I also wasn’t such a fan of Bradley (then again he is the competition so I guess we must not like him, haha) and the surf dude with rental stuff was first a pretty OK guy… but really changed for the horrible. Man, I just wanted to yeet some people into the sea/ocean while reading.

But all in all, I really really enjoyed this book! Highly recommend this book and this series.

Star rating, 5 stars

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