Review for Best Friends

Review for Best Friends

Best Friends, Real Friends, Book 2, Shannon Hale, LeUyen Pham, Purple, Graphic Novel, Children's Books, RollercoasterTime for sixth grade, new rules, new social things, friendship, and more.

I finally had the chance to read the second book in this series! It was quite an interesting read~

I could relate to the MC quite a few times, I remember that I never was that into what was hip/happening (still am not that into it) and stood out in class. I remember the weird unwritten rules that kept changing. Remember how confusing it all was and that at times I was just wondering if I was the only one not understanding things.

It was very well written story and I am really happy I read this book. I felt for the MC at times and just wanted to reach out and give her a hug. Tell her she would find her tribe, her people. I was rooting for her to just tell these girls no for once. Because sorry, I just wasn’t a fan of the girls for most. Especially Jen/Jenny both of these were just horrible!

I loved the story Shannon writes in the beginning… but it just got eh later on when it turned more fantasy like. I don’t mind reading some fantasy stuff, but in general it is just not my cup of tea. I did think it was amazing that the MC could write this story at such a young age. She has an amazing imagination and more. I did like how it parallels with the normal parts.

But if she needs glasses to see? How did she go without the entire graphic novel? Why didn’t the mom buy new ones? I mean, she was squinting at times to see things… though at other times she seemed to see well, so that was very confusing. Did she get lenses sometime? Or did her vision just magically POOF go right? Very odd.

Also what the fuck America? Really, I keep getting surprised at crap that is OK in the US? I mean, the teacher just grabbed that boy, not even violently, because he wouldn’t stop. And she gets fired over that? WTF? I get maybe a warning? But firing? America is a weird place…

Sorry, I had a laugh that someone age 11 (going by the internet for ages in 6th grade US) thought writers weren’t real people. How do you think new books get made then? Magic? It just was a very strange thing, especially since she loved reading so much and worked in a library.

I like the ending (go go for the MC) + the photographs after that! That was a nice extra touch!

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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