Review for Big Nate: In Your Face!

Review for Big Nate: In Your Face!

Big Nate: In Your Face!, Green, Soccer, Sports, Boy, Lincoln Peirce, Comics, Humour, Children's BooksI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

A brand-new Big Nate, this time not the picture books, but I picked up one of the comic collections again from Netgalley. I just cannot resist. They are just so funny, and brilliant to cheer up your day. I am writing this in November just a few hours before I have to go to the doctor because my knee isn’t healing (I fell of my e-bike just a week ago). So yeah, I could use anything that makes me laugh. And Big Nate did it!

In this one we have tons of sports as he plays more and more soccer. But next to fun sports and him rethinking his decisions on if he should continue going pro or not, there is also detentions, school, Valentine’s Day (and can I just say that while Nate’s ulterior motive wasn’t that good, I still loved that he took time to give a card to all the girls in his school?), we see him try to raise money for the scouts by selling cookies (man, why can’t we have that here), hold a surprise party for his teacher (he was kinda roped into it), and there is tons more. Nate definitely doesn’t have a boring life, no sirree. Every day brings something for him, be it good or bad (though most of the bad things happen because of his attitude towards things). A bit like karma I guess.

Next to Nate we see his friends (Schroeder makes a toddler cry), Chad woos the ladies and reacts to all things food, DeeDee is dramatic and funny as ever, and Teddy has problems with breaking up with his girlfriend (the ending of this one had me in stitches).

I had tons of fun reading this one and I shared plenty with my hubby as I read.

I would definitely recommend this one to all, Big Nate keeps being funny despite him being so cocky about things. I cannot wait for the next collection/book!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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