Review for Cells at Work! Baby, Vol. 1

Review for Cells at Work! Baby, Vol. 1

Cells at Work! Baby, Vol. 1, Yasuhiro Fukuda, Akane Shimizu, Cells, Biology, Manga, Humour, Baby, Pregnancy, Facts, Fun, CuteI received this book from Netgalley/publisher in exchange of an honest review.

So now I have seen/read three kinds of Cells at work and I am enjoying them all, well, OK I am still not sure about Cells at Work BLACK. But I love this one and I love the normal Cells at Work! I love that there are so many variations of the series and I really want to read them all. Whereas BLACK is more gritty and more about an older body, the normal Cells at Work is more humour and at times a dash seriousness, this one is all about a baby’s body and the chibi-cells that work in it and are figuring out what the HELL is going on.

We begin with the pregnancy, the “aftershocks”, and then comes the moment for these new cells to shine and figure out how things work WITHOUT the help of older cells. Which created some hilarious situations as the cells weren’t sure what to do or what was happening. And it definitely didn’t help our ever getting lost Red Blood Cell who kept getting even more lost because parts of the body weren’t in function any more or stopped working for reasons. I loved that the brains had a small little library, fully kids/baby style with simple books. One of the guys working there had to find a book, read it, and then announce it through the system so the whole body (and thus the cells) would know. He didn’t mind reading that much, in fact for most of the book he is found there or reading with a big pile of books (I definitely could relate to him).

It was so much fun to see all my favourite cells and others and I found myself rooting for these baby cells. I can only imagine how confusing it must be for them to just be thrown into a new body like that without any help. Without any support. Without any way to get back to the older cells of the mom’s body. Red Blood Cell girl has her promise and that keeps her going and powering through things. She definitely does things that red blood cells probably wouldn’t do. Haha. But all the cells help each other out and figure out their roles.

I had a big big laugh that our White Blood Cell went from murderous in one series to being a cute coward in this one. I am sure he will get stronger and he did show some amazing skills, though he will really have to work on not being so scared.

Just like with the other books in the Cells at Work series we get information on various things that happen in the body. I often couldn’t read those very clearly as the text was tiny and the font not that clear. I will definitely be buying the series when I can, so I can read those then. I do love the extra information + we also get tips on healthy eating/living.

Oh, and I wish I had this series when I was still in high school. Because this is so much more fun than normal biology!

The art is super adorable, I do love some chibi cells!

All in all, I loved loved LOVED reading this one and I cannot wait for the next volume in the series.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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